Introducing Me…


My life isn’t one that some people would love to have. I don’t climb Mount Everest or save strangers from peril in my spare time, but I figure that most people don’t. But those that aren’t superheroes lead their own adventures, whether they be outrageous, devastating, or infuriating. The posts to follow will be of my adventures.
I’m a stay at home mom of the craziest, happiest, sweetest little boy I’ve ever met so most of my posts will most likely be about the silly things he does as he grows.
I love the entertainment industry, well mostly movies but some tv and music. I’ve seen some movies a million times but I’ve found out that there are some movies I’ve never seen before. I know a bit about gaming, from Sega Genesis to Xbox One and all consoles in between, I’m mostly into PC games though.
I have a very short temper, so you may see some posts about how much people irritate me. I’m one of those girls that hangs out with guys instead of girls because guys don’t have as much drama.
This post got very long very quickly, so I’ll be going. Another post will be added tomorrow hopefully. Have an awesome day!

The song that inspired the title.

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