It’s Like My iPod’s Stuck On Replay


Being the age I am (23), I still have friends on social media that do monthly picture challenges. Since I’m a mom, a majority (probably a good 29 out of 30) of the pictures would be of my son and let’s be honest, that would bother some people.

How could this face bother someone?!

How could this face bother someone?!

So I googled September Blogging Challenges and found the one I’m about to do (list found at this AWESOME blog). By the way, I do realize that it’s already the 22nd but that still leaves 8 days of things to talk about.

Today’s topic is songs I currently have on repeat.

Now I am a MAJOR fan of musicals, I haven’t seen them all (and none on stage) but I’m working on it. I’ve never seen the Legally Blonde musical but my best friend Tera introduced me to this song and I fell in love. I was listening to it in the car today and did an extra lap around the block so I could hear the whole song, we all know what that’s like.

Can we just talk about how GORGEOUS her voice is?!

I’m a CRAZY Disney nut and Frozen is by far my favorite Disney movie. Anna has the exact weirdness that I have!

That’s all the songs that are on repeat for me today, but I’ll be back here tomorrow. Same bat time, same bat channel (bad old tv series reference)

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