I don’t know about everyone else but I love Monday nights, at least until CBS is done with Thursday Night Football. Big Bang Theory is one of my all time favorite shows! Anyway, on with the topic of the day which happens to be my 5 favorite foods. I would include a link to the website I use for this, but the blogger is currently redoing her website!

I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!! I could eat my weight in chocolate and still want more…maybe…but I seriously love chocolate. I don’t know if a love for a certain food can be passed through genetics, but if it can, I TOTALLY blame my mom!

Like I said yesterday, I love Chinese food but mostly vegetable lo mein. I’ve found that our local restaurant has the best vegetable lo mein and I can’t eat it anywhere else now! It’s saddening! Most women that I’ve met that are or have been pregnant can’t stand the food they ate a LOT throughout pregnancy anymore, but that’s SO not the case with me!

Does ice cream count as a food? Well, in my opinion it does so that’s a favorite food for sure. This is another thing I can thank my mom for if food tastes are genetic.

PASTA! Any type of pasta is the best thing ever! Pretty much the only thing I would cook myself while I was in high school was egg noodles with butter and garlic salt mixed in. FREAKING YUM!

The only semi-healthy thing on here is tuna. I love tuna. I mix it with mayonnaise and pickles or make burgers. My husband absolutely loves the recipe that the link goes to, so you should definitely try it out!

Wow, I have some poor food decisions. Thank you genetics for a fast metabolism! What is your favorite food? Let me know stuff! See you tomorrow for the last day of the September Blogging Challenge!

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