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Happy October everyone! I’ll be doing the entire blogging challenge for the month of October found at girlmeetslife.com. Excuse any mistakes because. I’m blogging from my cell phone today, the baby is having sleep issues and this is the only thing I can use without waking him up (darn teething!).

This is before the horrible teething pains kicked in

This is before the horrible teething pains kicked in

Today’s topic is goals for October. My first goal for this month is to secure a venue for the baby’s first birthday party. His birthday isn’t until March but I like having things done early. That way, I’ll know what I’m working with and once I’m all done planning, I can relax until the actual event.

My next goal is to get more exercise. I don’t really get much exercise, it’s so bad that walking up the stairs wears me out. Plus, my husband is back to work so that’ll give the baby and I something to do during the day.

My third and final goal for the month is go through mine and the baby’s clothes and put what doesn’t fit or what we don’t wear in storage. Then go over to my dad’s (maybe) and go through the stuff I have there and see what I have room for here at my house.

What are your goals for the month? Let me know! I’ll be back tomorrow (later today, whatever) with a new post!

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