Secret Love


Well, it’s Thankful Thursday on the October Blogging Challenge. There are 3 Thankful Thursdays scheduled for this month so this one will be about the people I’m thankful for.

I’ll be like every parent here, but I’m seriously thankful for my son. His smile and silly personality brighten my whole day. He’s the most curious baby I’ve ever seen. Any time we go somewhere new, he has to look around and figure out what everything is as soon as we get there. He’s starting to crawl now, so I’m about to get the most exercise of my life!

This is how he watches me play games on my phone.

This is how he watches me play games on my phone.

I’m very happy to have the husband I have. He’s my best friend and we are like peas and carrots (I love Forrest Gump), by themselves they’re pretty good but they’re even better together. We laugh at the same jokes, watch the same movies, play the same games, everything.

My brother is my long time best friend. He’s been my best friend for almost 21 years (he’ll be 21 in February). We text each other all day about any and every thing. The other day, he willingly went to the grocery store with me so I could get baby food. Who does that?! My brother, that’s who.

The last (but not least) person I’m enormously thankful for is my only girl best friend, Tera. Yes, she lives like 10 hours away and works like a million jobs (I’m kidding) but we text whenever she gets a free chance. We can send each other shocking things about tv shows that the other has seen (that freaking Happyland episode?!), movie lines, or just about the random weirdness we experienced that day. We send pins on Pinterest and we snapchat too so we’re very social with each other.

Who are you thankful for? Let me know and come back for tomorrow’s post of the day!

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