There are a TON of new sitcoms that have come out in the last few weeks and while I haven’t watched many of them, I’ve got opinions on the ones I’ve seen. Just so you know readers, you should NEVER get attached to a show on NBC unless it’s been on for a while (Saturday Night Live, Grimm, Parks and Recreation, or Parenthood). My brother and I have found that a large majority (I’m bad with statistics or I’d give an exact one) of sitcoms on NBC get cancelled a LOT faster than on other channels. It’s true. Look it up.

I’ve only watched like 3 new shows and only 2 of them will be on my weekly watch list. I’ll probably be adding more as they come out, but I’m mainly a fan of returning sitcoms (Big Bang Theory and New Girl). There will be more show reviews as more premiere.

Starting with the show I will NOT be watching again, Happyland. To simplify why I won’t tune in again without giving away any spoilers, it was WAY TOO PREDICTABLE! If I can figure out what is going to happen the whole season in the first 10 minutes, it’s garbage.


I totally luck out with the next show because they’re on back to back on the same channel! Selfie was a HILARIOUS show, and very realistic. Everyone is so attached to taking pictures of everything they’re doing every second of the day that they’re unable to communicate without their cell phone! Cell phones is an entirely different rant that I don’t have the space for right now. Back to Selfie, I’ve loved John Cho since Big Fat Liar (“Kastank! Birds!”) and in this show he is hilariously stiff. Plus at the end of the episode when he’s in his house not wearing shoes, I got SUPER excited! Think about it, how many movies/TV shoes do you watch where people aren’t wearing shoes in their own house?! Maybe that’s a strange thing to notice but it’s true! I’ve liked Karen Gillan since she was the eleventh doctor’s companion (the only doctor I’ve watched at this point) in Doctor Who, but to hear her with an American accent is GREAT!


Right after it, Manhattan Love Story comes on and it’s equally great! It takes a new spin on sitcoms by giving a voice over of what the characters, Peter and Dana, are thinking at that moment. Analeigh Tipton was my ultimate favorite in cycle 11 of America’s Next Top Model and she’s just as fantastic as an actress. Her character, Dana, had me dying laughing the whole episode. Can we just talk about Jake McDorman for a second?! His filmography is filled with greatness! Bring It On: All or Nothing, Greek, Are You There, Chelsea? (the one NBC show I made the mistake of getting attached to), and now Manhattan Love Story. The guy has been in awesome things (I won’t mention The Craigslist Killer…yikes), so I had big expectations and they were definitely met.


What are you all watching this season? Have any more or different opinions on these shows? Let me know! I’ll be back tomorrow with the post of the day! See you later!

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