Say My Name


How are youuuu? (Thank you Karen Gillan). Today’s post for the October Blogging Challenge is the story behind your blog name. Sadly, there really isn’t a story behind it, it just popped into my head one day. Then I googled it to make sure there wasn’t a blog with this name (if you know of one that started before my blog, please let me know and I’ll change mine) and then this blog was born. That’s it.

Since that was so short, I’ll add on some random content. If you’re a mom or mom to be reading this, go google mom and baby subscription boxes. You won’t be sorry. There are SO many that I wish I knew about while I was pregnant instead of now that my little guy is 7 months old! There is a long list of them here, some are crossed out but there are still a TON on there! Go check them out. My husband and I are looking into some now!

That’s all I really have to talk about today. Come back tomorrow and I’ll definitely have more for you!

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