Lessons Learned


Happy Tuesday! 🙂 How are you doing today? Today was a pretty decent day, except for the fact that my disk drive on my laptop doesn’t spin so I can’t play the new Sims 3 game I got (yes, I’m a game behind). It’s time for another day of the October Blogging Challenge and today’s topic is 7 things you’ve learned so far this year. Most of mine result from becoming a mom.

1. It IS possible to function properly on 6 hours of sleep. As anyone who’s been reading knows, I’m a new-ish mom. My little guy is now 7 months old. Before he arrived, if I had any less than 10 hours of sleep a day then I was a freaking zombie. Lately, I’ve unfortunately found out that I can function with half of that (I hate teething and growth spurts).

2. Conversations with old friends who are now mom friends have changed A LOT. The other night, the baby and I met up with two ladies I’ve been friends with since like 2007 or before and their babies. The babies were all born within a month and a week of each other, so it’s awesome to have someone who’s right there with me. We used to talk about boys and whether or not we were spending the whole weekend together. Now we talk about teething, poop, and eating habits.

3. Not juggling a baby, diaper bag, car keys, and a cell phone feels weird. When my nephew was born 4 years ago, I never would’ve dreamed of carrying anything more than him or his diaper bag. But now that I’m a mom, I can carry all these items without dropping anything. If my husband volunteers to carry something, I practically argue with him so he won’t.

4. The Office is actually a lot more funny than I previously gave it credit for. I tried to watch the first episode like a year ago and it was very boring, but last week (or so) my husband suggested we watch it. I agreed and I’m glad I did because it is hysterical. I love Jim but I HATE Kelly!

5. I can now walk through the dark without tripping over my own feet. I used to be a very clumsy person so this is a huge accomplishment.

6. That breathing crap they tell you works when you’re having contractions is GARBAGE! I’m a big baby when it comes to pain so I knew labor would be bad, I attempted to master those breathing exercises. When the time came, they didn’t work at all. But if they work or worked for you, you rock.

7. Time flies when you have a baby. I used to feel like days would drag on but now it’s nighttime before I even realize it. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was in the hospital recovering from having a baby!

What have you learned so far this year? Let me know! See you tomorrow for the post of the day!

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