You Got Me


I’m getting really bad at posting everyday but I’m going to try to work on it. I could make excuses all day long but that doesn’t excuse the fact that I’m neglecting my blog and any everyday readers I may have. For that, I am sorry my dear readers.

On to the October Blogging Challenge posts, yesterday’s topic was favorite childhood memories. This one is very difficult for me because I can’t really remember much before the age of 12. I’m not sure if my brain shut it out or what happened. I have a few sporadic memories but nothing very pronounced. By the way, m parents assured me I did not have amnesia (I asked both of them multiple times).

The topic for today is music currently on my playlist. Honestly I don’t have a set playlist, I have about 200 songs that I just set my iPod to shuffle through. The singers I have are Aoife O’Donovan, Colbie Caillat, Gregory Alan Isakov, Hilary Duff, Jonas Brothers, and Mandy Moore. Plus, I have the soundtracks to The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Frozen, SMASH, Pitch Perfect, and Dreamgirls. Yes, a lot of old stuff but I like being able to understand all of the words of the songs I’m listening to. I’m not a big fan of rap…except for Eminem.

What are some of our favorite childhood memories? What’s on your playlist? Any comments or suggestions on some music for me? Let me know! See you back here tomorrow for another post!

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