We Wish You A Merry Christmas


Holy moly! Can I just say THANK GOODNESS Christmas is over?! My husband and I have had three days of Christmas (Christmases?) every year since we got together (3 years now). We have too much family! Actually, HE has too much family. Anyway, back to the updates…

The first weekend of the month, my husband and I went to his Christmas party for the National Guard. The only bad thing was it took us an hour to get there when it should’ve only taken half an hour at most. However, we had a pretty good time this year. The food was really good, the decorations were beautiful, and I actually looked nice. Some of the dresses girls my age wear should be outlawed and the girls wearing them should be arrested for public indecency! The fact that the fabric goes an inch past the bottom of your butt should be a sign that that’s a top, not a dress. Stupid.

At the party

At the party

When we got home

When we got home

The second weekend of the month, we had a family Christmas party to attend with people I didn’t think I knew. When we got there, I found out I’d seen a lot of the people around, I just had no clue they were related to my husband.

Christmas Eve, we had dinner at my husband’s grandma’s house and had AMAZING food. I think it’s a grandma’s job to cook fantastic food. We found out quickly that Little Man takes FOREVER to open a present. He would rather sit and stare at the tiny piece of paper in his hand than see what is wrapped in the paper, so I had to keep taking the pieces out of his hand and telling him to get a new one. He got lots of clothes and some toys.

Note the studious face.

Note the studious face.

Christmas Day, we went to another family member’s house and had more great food. Little Man opened more presents and got to have his first piece of pie, which resulted to his first bath in an actual bathtub (we have a plastic baby bathtub that we still use for him). He got a coat, a pair of boots, some clothes, some toys, and some books.

I don't think he knew what happened.

I don’t think he knew what happened.

All in all, it was a pretty great first Christmas for Little Man. He wasn’t too excited about what he got this year but I’m sure he won’t be able to hide his excitement next year.

(Sorry this post took so long for me to complete. I think I might’ve accidentally forgotten about it.)

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