You’d think I’m insane with how much I’ve decided to DIY for my son’s first birthday party and you, my friend, might be right. Luckily, we’ve decided on a set theme, reserved the venue, and sent out the invitations already.
When I went to my niece’s birthday party, my sister’s friend had made a personalized onesie for my niece that I was completely inspired by for my son. So my husband and I set out on a quest to find a How To Train Your Dragon fabric that we liked and wasn’t $15 a yard. Thank goodness for ebay! But my husband ordered 2 yards! What the heck was I supposed to do with 2 yards of fabric when I would barely use one?! I’m already personalizing 2 shirts (one for Little Man to wear and one for guests to sign as a keepsake)and making Little Man a cape (yes, a cape!). I then found a tutorial on Pinterest (darn that website) on how to make an infinity scarf with half a yard of fabric, so guess who will be wearing a How To Train Your Dragon infinity scarf to her one year old’s birthday party. That’s right! Me! And I’m completely and totally excited about it!

Our fabric!

Our fabric!

I’ve realized that I’m not the typical mom. Most moms freak out about their child turning one already and while I still can’t believe he’ll be one soon, I love seeing him grow, advance, and learn everyday. Little Man will sit and study new things as long as you let him. That’s how I got him to start taking a sippy cup, I handed it to him with a bit of water in it (thank goodness it’s spill proof) and let him figure it out. He now drinks out of it whenever it’s not time to nurse.

Yes, I am still nursing my 10 month old. When I found out I was pregnant with him, I knew I would breastfeed if I was able. I may start weaning him when he hits a year old, but I haven’t decided for sure yet. I know I’m one of the lucky women being able to nurse my son at all, let alone this long.

People have been asking me this week what I’ll be doing for the Super Bowl. My honest answer is I have no clue. We’re not big sports watchers in our house, but if a friend invites us over for a party or something we’ll probably go. We like spending time with friends, even if we have no idea what’s happening in the game. However, early that afternoon Little Man and I have a birthday party to attend that is an hour away so hopefully the snow that is being predicted on Sunday isn’t too bad. I’ve been super excited for this party since we got the invite.

What do you have going on in your life? If you have kids, what did you do for their first birthday parties? If you don’t have kids, have you been to any first birthday parties? Did anything hilarious or exciting happen at the parties? What are you doing for the Super Bowl? Let me know! I’ll see you all later!

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