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My Baby


If you’ve been following my blog, you know Little Man will be 1 in about a week (holy crap!). I’ve been trying to find activities to do with him but every website I’ve been on separates their activities by age group (baby, toddler, preschooler, etc.). Normally, that wouldn’t be a problem but I think I have a babyler. What’s a babyler you ask? It’s the term I just thought up to describe a little human who isn’t a baby but isn’t quite a toddler yet. Little Man is somewhat advanced but somewhat behind so I really don’t know what category he falls under, hence babyler. He’s not walking yet but he crawls like a maniac. He studies everything but it will go to his mouth eventually. He plays independently but wants to be held some too. It’s madness!

Anyone know of anything I can do with my babyler? He seems so bored throughout the day! Let me know!

Baby, One More Time


Planning birthday parties SUCKS, just so everyone knows. I finally have everything planned out, it just all needs to come together and the party needs to go greatly with no problems at all. I have very high hopes here. Is it bad that I’m considering getting Little Man a cupcake to practice with before his birthday party? At one birthday party we went to recently, the baby barely touched the cake. At my niece’s birthday party, she slept basically the whole time. I don’t want either of those things to happen at Little Man’s birthday party. Luckily, he naps around 1 pm and his party is scheduled for 2 pm. Plus, we have an hour drive to the party venue so hopefully he’ll sleep in the car and be wide awake for his party.

This party has entirely consumed my life, if you can’t tell. In other news, I ordered this beautiful carrier┬álast week and it shipped a few days ago and SHOULD be arriving this Saturday. If you’ve ever ordered anything online, you know that it could be weeks before I see the package or it could arrive tomorrow. I’ve never ordered from ToysRUs before so I have no idea what their shipping schedule looks like. I FINALLY got my driver’s license with my married last name on it (we’ll be married a year on April 10), my husband HATES the DMV. We filed our taxes today too! There’s some crazy adult happiness going on over here.

I think that’s about all that’s been going on for now. Little Man STILL hasn’t walked yet. As soon as he does, I’ll be posting a video. How’s life going for you?! Let me know!



I don’t know about you, but I’m beyond ready for spring to get here. I don’t know how much more of this cold I can take! Normally, I’m like “Yay! Cold!” and “You can always put on more layers. There’s a certain point where removing layers can get you charged with indecent exposure.” but this year is RIDICULOUS! I feel like this winter started WAY before any of the other 23 winters I’ve experienced in my life. And people talk about global warming. HA!

As we all know, Groundhog Day is February 2nd. I see NO point in this “holiday” at all. When did Punxsutawney Phil go to college and get his degree in meteorology (or whatever the proper term is)? Plus, why do we rely on a GROUNDHOG to tell us if there will be 6 more weeks of winter?! NEWS FLASH! The first day of spring is ALWAYS March 21. Never any earlier, never any later! It’s the way the world works! The only plus of Groundhog Day is the movie Groundhog Day showing ALL DAY LONG!

Now that that little rant is over, I’ll move on to updates. Little Man’s birthday party is slowly coming together, although I still don’t know what type of food we’re going to have. I need to find sharper scissors before I can finish Little Man’s outfit for his party because the cutting I have to do is way too intricate for the scissors I currently have. Little Man is still working on his top two teeth coming through. I’ll be SO relieved when they finally come in. Little Man has 10 to 20 minutes of walker time everyday now because Poopyhead (my husband) feels he’s behind everyone else his age.

Speaking of Poopyhead, he is in Georgia for the week. His brother is graduating from Army Basic Training on Wednesday and he drove down today so he could get a bit of rest before facing his brother’s wife (don’t even get me started on that topic, you do not have the time to read about it). Little Man and I were going to go but couldn’t due to limited funds. So far since Poopyhead left today, we’ve played, watched movies, napped, and he got a bath. He’s in bed fast asleep now.

OH! I just remembered why I titled this post what I did! I LOVE smoothies. Like absolutely freaking LOVE them. I worked in a coffeehouse like thing my first semester of college and we made smoothies and I got hooked. They were so addictive, I probably got about one a day no matter what the weather. Everyone thinks smoothies are great for you, but I’m fairly certain these ones weren’t. I’m trying to eat a little healthier than usual, so I whipped up a green smoothie today. Now, you’re probably like “green smoothie eww” and I would have to say you are wrong. If you use the right type of green (I used spinach) and you add in the right things, you don’t taste the green at all! I mixed in milk, yogurt, banana, and peanut butter and that smoothie was GREAT! I have this issue of adding too much stuff to my blender, so I have enough left over for breakfast tomorrow (and possibly the next day). I want to try to introduce it to Little Man, but I need to figure out how to thin it out more.

Ok, I think that’s enough of my rambling. How is February treating you? Let me know!

Waiting All Day For Sunday Night


SUPER BOWL! Just kidding, we’re not big sports fans here. We tend to watch Mythbusters and Ancient Aliens over football and basketball. If I was actually able to be at the game, then I’d definitely be there. There’s just something awesome about being at a sporting event live that watching it on tv just doesn’t deliver.

While most of the population was watching pregame shows and such, my family was at a birthday party. Two of my friends from when we were teenagers (who also had babies a month before I did) had their babies’ birthday party today and it was awesome! Little Man played with everyone and crawled everywhere, Poopyhead talked to everyone, and I got to catch up with some old friends. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing each other more often despite living an hour apart. Once the weather starts to warm up and stay warm, I’m sure we’ll be going to parks every week or something.

I just realized that I got a total of ZERO pictures at the birthday party! Ugh. Little Man looked adorable, as usual, and passed out as soon as we got home. What did you do for Super Bowl Sunday? Did the team you like win? Let me know! See you all later!