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Well, in the last post I said I’d be doing my first product review. As it turns out, I’ll be doing two product review posts. This is the first one and here we go!

I’m a member of a website calledĀ Influenster, which is a site for product reviews and questions and answers about said products. You sign up, take a few surveys about which products you’d like to try and what is best for your lifestyle, then eventually you’ll get an email saying your VoxBox (the package of products for you to try) is on the way! It’s super simple and quite fun.

I received the XO VoxBox, which had quite a few items in it.There were Tide Pods Plus Febreze, Colgate Optic White Toothbrush plus Whitening Pen, Colgate Optic White Toothpaste, John Freida Luxurious Volume 7 Day In-Shower Treatment, John Freida Beach Blonde Collection, and Skinfix Hand Repair Cream. Plus coupons for Lands’ End and Adore Me (I didn’t get to try out either of them).

The Tide Pods smell AMAZING and are super easy to use! You just start the washer, toss them in, fill the washer, and go. The toothbrush was great but the whitening pen didn’t work for me so well. See, my mouth produces a LOT of saliva. Have you ever been around someone that had braces and they suck all their saliva before they talk for some reason? Probably not, considering my dad is the only person I ever heard do that, but I find myself having to suck back all my saliva before I talk or I end up spitting all over people! When I put the whitener on my teeth, it didn’t last long due to the amount of saliva. This issue is also why I can’t use whitening strips. The toothpaste worked extremely well. I didn’t get to use the in-shower treatment for a few reasons. You are supposed blow dry your hair after showering, I have curly hair and for some reason, I do not possess a diffuser. Also, I shower at night and by the end of my shower, I’m just not awake enough to blow dry. The beach blonde collection (consisting of shampoo, conditioner, and sea salt spray) smelled amazing but I have two complaints. Number one, I’m not a blonde (I’m used to not having hair products for redheads though). Number two, the sea salt spray didn’t hold very well, maybe I was under the wrong impression or something. Lastly, the hand repair cream. This stuff is AWESOME. I have a slight case of eczema on my hands and it worked wonders!

Well, that’s all I’ve got to say about that. <- bad Forrest Gump reference. I’ll write another product review post soon, as soon as Little Man tries out all of the new stuff he got fromĀ Munchkin. See you later!

*all products were provided free for me to review*

Where Does The Good Go?


So, in my last post I said I was going to blog some more; however, that day my brother told me I NEEDED to watch Grey’s Anatomy again. See, we used to watch it together when it was on Lifetime and I’ve seen up to some episodes of season 6. He’s been watching it on Netflix and demanded I watch it again. To me, it kinda went bad in season 6 (which is why I quit watching) but I guess it’s starting to get better again. I had no idea it was on Netflix, so I’ve been watching it every chance I get (I’m currently in season 2). I’m going to attempt to post more, but I can’t tell you at what interval. I have my first product review post coming up soon! I’m pretty psyched about that!

Along with writing this blog, I’ve been working on a story that was inspired by a tumblr post I saw on Pinterest. I don’t want to reveal the details but I hope it’ll be good. My brother (Mack) and best friend (Tera) have both read what I have this far and they both like it. I was stuck for a while but I think I’m going to get back into it. While I was thinking up the story, I was trying to figure out what the characters would look like, like anyone who writes a story. Is it odd that when I emailed Mack and Tera the story, I sent them a list of actors/actresses that I think the characters will look like? Using famous people makes it easier for me to describe what they look like, I’m nowhere near creative enough to draw/think up new people.

It’s finally starting to warm up in the Ohio Valley, so Little Man got to go to the park today! He loved it, he crawled all over the playground equipment and swinged and giggled and had a great time! When we went shopping afterward, I wore him and he almost fell asleep. It was adorable. Little Man is so quiet when we’re out in public but at home, he is a crazy little guy! It’s crazy to see him be as shy as he is in public!

How’s everything going with you? Would you be interested in reading my story when it’s done? Let me know!

4 Minutes


In case you haven’t noticed, all (except like 2) of my post titles are song titles or lyrics. This is the Madonna/Justin Timberlake song, not that new crappy song by Rihanna, Kanye, and Paul McCartney titled FourFive Seconds. Honestly, that title makes no sense! I feel like they were gonna tell someone they’d be there in four seconds but they changed their minds mid sentence, “Give me four-five seconds.” I’m not a huge fan of any of the people in that song anyway (not even Paul McCartney, yell if you must about him being a Beatle and how their music impacted music as it is today. blah blah blah.) Sidenote: 4 Minutes by Madonna and Justin Timberlake is now stuck in my head.

Now that that rant is over, I’ll update now. Little Man turned 1 on Tuesday, we had his birthday party on Saturday. I got everything I wanted to get done done, but we didn’t have much of a turnout. We invited about 70 people and of the 50 that told me they’d be there, only about 20 showed up. This year, I’ll deal with it but next year, I’m not putting up with people saying they will be there and not showing up. Little Man will be able to understand people not coming next year and I don’t plan on disappointing my child at an early age. He’s a curious little booger so I know he will ask who is coming to his party, and I don’t plan on lying to him either. That’s terrible. I’ll post pictures of the party in a later post, I didn’t get any since I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to make everyone feel welcome.

Now that the birthday party is over, I can finally relax and not be so frazzled and worrisome about it. I don’t need to plan anything for a little while and it’s going to be great.

Today, Little Man and I are starting a new schedule. I made the mistake of letting him fall asleep nursing and that’s what he’s been doing for naps. After his 1 year checkup in a few days, I’m going to start weaning so I decided to get him used to napping without nursing. It worked out for the nap he’s taking right now, he only cried for about 20 minutes. I’ll have to wait and see if it works for his afternoon nap. During his morning nap time, I’m going to write blog posts and during his afternoon naps, I’m going to watch Netflix. I’m stuck in season 3 of Fringe plus there are SO many shows I want to watch!

How is March going for you so far? Let me know in the comments or check out the contact page to email me! See you tomorrow!