Trick or Treat


As you all know, Halloween was yesterday and trick or treat took places at random times before that. We got lucky enough to take Little Man trick or treating twice this year. Last year, we just sat on my dad’s porch and handed out candy. He was an adorable little pumpkin and he absolutely loved seeing all the kids in their costumes. He is definitely a people person.

2014 Halloween with Mommy

2014 Halloween with Mommy

2014 Halloween with Daddy

2014 Halloween with Daddy

This year, we went to my husband’s parents’ house on Thursday for trick or treat in their town. Little Man walked for some of it but was carried for most. He can’t quite say “trick or treat” yet, but he said “hi” when he walked up to the house and “thank you” and “bye” after they put the candy in his bucket. Of course, he was smiling the whole time and the weather was perfect for walking around to trick or treat. His mask stayed on the whole hour, we were extremely surprised.

He's Batman.

He’s Batman.

2015 Halloween with Mommy and Grammy Karen

2015 Halloween with Mommy and Grammy Karen

2015 Halloween with Daddy

2015 Halloween with Daddy

Then we went in our town yesterday. Little Man rode in his stroller for the whole thing and was loving life. He saw multiple dogs and was freaking out about those more than he was about getting candy. The mask only lasted about 10 minutes last night and he wouldn’t let me put it back on. The weather was a few degrees warmer than Thursday, but still a gorgeous night. He was wired after trick or treating, so we sat at my dad’s and Little Man played with his best friends, Skye and Odin, two pitbulls that are under 2 years old.

Now time for my rant, if you don’t like people ranting, skip this paragraph. I absolutely cannot stand some people. When we were trick or treating on Thursday, I saw a GIRL (she looked about 12) who was PREGNANT and trick or treating! Yes, I am pregnant and I was trick or treating, but not for myself like she was. My mind was BLOWN when I saw this girl! I swear to you, my jaw hung to the ground. Then as we were trick or treating last night, I heard a kid say “I have to walk all the way over there to get candy?” SERIOUSLY?!?! It’s FREE candy, why are you complaining about getting some exercise on a beautiful night that only comes around one time a year?!?!

The last week was eventful to say the least. In an attempt to start a family tradition, we sat down to watch Hocus Pocus on Wednesday night. Little Man seriously lasted 20 minutes, then passed out. In his defense though, he is teething and it is AWFUL! We’re talking multiple fevers of 101, chewing on everything, sleeping all the time (as long as he’s near Mommy), all sorts of terrible stuff that you absolutely hate to see your kids go through. Little Man also got his last shot until he’s 5 this week, so we have a break from shots for a bit, then when our new little guy is born, we’ll start the horrible shot procedure all over again. I’m 32 weeks pregnant as of this past Friday, so less than 8 weeks (hopefully!) until we meet our new little guy and see how much like his big brother he is. I’m hoping his personality is a bit the same but mostly different, I don’t think I can deal with two crazy little guys running around.

This is how he spent Wednesday and Thursday.

This is how he spent Wednesday and Thursday.

He's still a happy little guy even though he's sick.

He’s still a happy little guy even though he’s sick.

Taking Little Man to school on Monday turned into a big joke! For a bit of backstory, the teachers at the school arrive around 8 am and the students are supposed to be there around 8:30. I’m normally there around 8:20, but I sit there and play with him until breakfast time at 9. When we got to the school, there were two fire trucks parked outside and the teachers were standing outside. We soon found out that when they got there that morning, someone smelled plastic burning so the fire department was called. Later, the head start decided that although the fire department had said the building was fine, the electric company had to be called in, so school was cancelled for the day. Tuesday, school was cancelled so the health department could come check the building. Wednesday and Thursday, Little Man had a fever and was not feeling good due to teething so he didn’t go either of those days. Tomorrow, he WILL be going to school unless his fever comes back, which hopefully it won’t since it’s been gone since Thursday afternoon.

Monday was supposed to be pajama day...

Monday was supposed to be pajama day…

Then we got to school and saw this...

Then we got to school and saw this…

So Daddy taught him to drive (not really) while we waited.

So Daddy taught him to drive (not really) while we waited.

Well, that was a lot more than I had intended to type but I guess a lot happened this week. How was your Halloween/trick or treat? How did October finish out for you? Let me know!


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