Polar Vortex


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This weather, amirite?! I was at the car dealership today getting my oil changed and on the news they reported that Chicago is going to be COLDER than Mount Everest, Siberia, and ANTARCTICA tomorrow! Like WHAT?! Where I live, we have a high of 14 and a low of 1 tomorrow (not including wind chill of course)! I really don’t want to be trapped in the house with all 3 of my kids, but that temperature sounds WAY too crazy to take them outside!

In preparation of our imminent snow day. I went to the store to pick up a few things I thought we may need tomorrow. I found this union suit for my almost 5 year old and this one for my 3 year old. They are SO cozy and I almost wish I had looked for one for myself. I bought them a size too big so hopefully they’ll be able to wear the pajamas more than just this month. I couldn’t find any for my youngest son, but I’m sure he’ll be fine in the pajamas he has already.

School for tomorrow is already cancelled so I’m planning a Disney movie marathon for tomorrow. We’ll watch Beauty and the Beast (2017), Hercules (1997), Mulan, and The Incredibles 2 (we haven’t seen it yet!). I may add a few more movies in, but that looks like a great line-up to me! I’ve been limiting the boys’ screen time to no more than 2 hours a day and with them going to school every day, it’s been pretty easy. But since tomorrow is a snow day and we won’t be going anywhere, lounging in our pajamas and watching Disney movies sounds like a perfect day. I think I’ll make some chicken noodle soup for dinner.

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