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You Got Me


I’m getting really bad at posting everyday but I’m going to try to work on it. I could make excuses all day long but that doesn’t excuse the fact that I’m neglecting my blog and any everyday readers I may have. For that, I am sorry my dear readers.

On to the October Blogging Challenge posts, yesterday’s topic was favorite childhood memories. This one is very difficult for me because I can’t really remember much before the age of 12. I’m not sure if my brain shut it out or what happened. I have a few sporadic memories but nothing very pronounced. By the way, m parents assured me I did not have amnesia (I asked both of them multiple times).

The topic for today is music currently on my playlist. Honestly I don’t have a set playlist, I have about 200 songs that I just set my iPod to shuffle through. The singers I have are Aoife O’Donovan, Colbie Caillat, Gregory Alan Isakov, Hilary Duff, Jonas Brothers, and Mandy Moore. Plus, I have the soundtracks to The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Frozen, SMASH, Pitch Perfect, and Dreamgirls. Yes, a lot of old stuff but I like being able to understand all of the words of the songs I’m listening to. I’m not a big fan of rap…except for Eminem.

What are some of our favorite childhood memories? What’s on your playlist? Any comments or suggestions on some music for me? Let me know! See you back here tomorrow for another post!

That’s Just The Way We Roll


Well, it’s Sunday meaning back to work for all of you with weekday jobs. For me as a mom, it’s just another day. I missed yesterday’s post so I’ll make it up then add today’s post. 🙂

Yesterday’s topic for the October Blogging Challenge was what/who inspires you. I get inspired by the most random things known to mankind. I’m currently writing a story based off of a pin of a tumblr conversation, I’ve written things based from TV shows, all kinds of stuff.

Today’s topic is weekend highlights. Yesterday, we went to the Comcast store to get a replacement cable box, Walmart for groceries, and Subway for dinner. It was a nice simple day out. Today, we stayed home but it was pretty great. I baked a tie dye cake (a horrible mess was made) and the baby made friends with one of his dad’s friends. Then after the baby went to bed, my husband and I watched the season premiere of the Walking Dead. It was awesome, I mean WOW people!

That’s all for today. What was the highlight of your weekend? Let me know! See you back here tomorrow for another post!

He loves his Cheerios.

He loves his Cheerios.

You Oughta Know


Gooood evening. I hope you read that in a Dracula voice. Happy Friday everyone! I’m going to continue to do the October Blogging Challenge, today’s topic is ten things not many people know about you. Here we go!

  1. I went to Basic Training for the Army National Guard in 2010, but didn’t finish.
  2. I think this is the longest I’ve stuck with a monthly challenge.
  3. I have no female friends that I can hang out with, I mostly hang out with my brother, husband, or my husband’s friends.
  4. I know more about superheroes (specifically Marvel but some DC) than any girl should. If I don’t know something, I text my brother (he’s basically an expert).
  5. I’m TERRIBLE at comma placement. I either overuse or under use.
  6. I’m mostly a tomboy but there are days when I really want to dress up.
  7. I watch Disney Princess movies probably more than any adult should. My favorites are Frozen, Tangled, Mulan (though she isn’t really a princess), and Beauty and the Beast.
  8. Motherhood didn’t really change me like it does for some women. I still find the same jokes funny and I don’t think all babies are cute.
  9. I’m currently writing a story based off of this picture I found on Pinterest.
  10. I love pasta, but for some reason I’m not a big fan of Olive Garden.

Well, those are 10 things not many people know about me. What kind of things does not everyone now about you? Let me know! See you tomorrow for the post of the day!

The Best Day of My Life *updated*


I’m back everyone! There was a lot going on yesterday and I wasn’t able to make it to my computer. I’m going to include Wednesday and Thursday’s daily posts for the challenge in this one post. Don’t forget, this is where you go to get the list I’m using.

Wednesday’s post was for a day in the life. Being a stay at home mom, the baby and I did a lot of eating, sleeping, and playing. But our exact schedule is as follows:

7:30- wake up and watch cartoons

Ignore the blurriness. It was still dark in our room.

Ignore the blurriness. It was still dark in our room.

8:30 to 8:45- morning nap (does that really qualify as a nap?)

Again, still dark in our room.

Again, still dark in our room.

9:00- breakfast (whole grain cereal with juice and pears mixed in)

He loves food.

He loves food.

9:30 to 11:15- nap (an actual one this time)


11:30- my husband surprised us and came home from work for lunch

Hi Daddy!

Hi Daddy!

12:00- lunch (peas and pears)


1:00 to 1:30- afternoon nap

3:00- snack (Cheerios) and I baked a poke cake (DELICIOUS!)


6:00- dinner (peas and pears)

8:00- another snack (Cheerios)

11:00- the baby FINALLY passed out for the night

Today’s post is Throwback Thursday.

The hospital where I had my baby. It's like 6 am in this picture.

The hospital where I had my baby. It’s like 6 am in this picture.

What is a day in your life like? What kind of throwback pictures do you have? Let me know! See you back here tomorrow for the post of the day!

Lessons Learned


Happy Tuesday! 🙂 How are you doing today? Today was a pretty decent day, except for the fact that my disk drive on my laptop doesn’t spin so I can’t play the new Sims 3 game I got (yes, I’m a game behind). It’s time for another day of the October Blogging Challenge and today’s topic is 7 things you’ve learned so far this year. Most of mine result from becoming a mom.

1. It IS possible to function properly on 6 hours of sleep. As anyone who’s been reading knows, I’m a new-ish mom. My little guy is now 7 months old. Before he arrived, if I had any less than 10 hours of sleep a day then I was a freaking zombie. Lately, I’ve unfortunately found out that I can function with half of that (I hate teething and growth spurts).

2. Conversations with old friends who are now mom friends have changed A LOT. The other night, the baby and I met up with two ladies I’ve been friends with since like 2007 or before and their babies. The babies were all born within a month and a week of each other, so it’s awesome to have someone who’s right there with me. We used to talk about boys and whether or not we were spending the whole weekend together. Now we talk about teething, poop, and eating habits.

3. Not juggling a baby, diaper bag, car keys, and a cell phone feels weird. When my nephew was born 4 years ago, I never would’ve dreamed of carrying anything more than him or his diaper bag. But now that I’m a mom, I can carry all these items without dropping anything. If my husband volunteers to carry something, I practically argue with him so he won’t.

4. The Office is actually a lot more funny than I previously gave it credit for. I tried to watch the first episode like a year ago and it was very boring, but last week (or so) my husband suggested we watch it. I agreed and I’m glad I did because it is hysterical. I love Jim but I HATE Kelly!

5. I can now walk through the dark without tripping over my own feet. I used to be a very clumsy person so this is a huge accomplishment.

6. That breathing crap they tell you works when you’re having contractions is GARBAGE! I’m a big baby when it comes to pain so I knew labor would be bad, I attempted to master those breathing exercises. When the time came, they didn’t work at all. But if they work or worked for you, you rock.

7. Time flies when you have a baby. I used to feel like days would drag on but now it’s nighttime before I even realize it. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was in the hospital recovering from having a baby!

What have you learned so far this year? Let me know! See you tomorrow for the post of the day!

Anywhere But Here


Hello everyone! I’m running late with today’s post but it was a crazy day again. Just so you future parents know, teething is AWFUL! It took my usually happy baby who falls asleep in 10-15 minutes 2 HOURS to go to sleep tonight! For the October Blogging Challenge post of the day, the topic is six pet peeves. I’ll tell you now, a LOT of things irritate me so I’m going to try to condense it all.

The thing that bothers me the most in the entire world is people that don’t have manners! I was brought up using manners and I think everyone should use them. How hard is it to say excuse me instead of just pushing past me in the grocery store or say thank you when I pick up something you dropped instead of ripping it out of my hands and staring at me like I have two heads?!

Next, people chewing with their mouths open is one of the most sickening things I’ve ever seen. I hate when I’m eating at a restaurant and I look up and see someone chomping on their food like a cow! This goes for gum too! Unless you have a medical issue where you can’t close your mouth and chew, and most people don’t because they’ll chew with their mouths closed a few times then it’s right back to chomping, I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOUR FOOD!

People that shouldn’t be parents but have like 9 children bug the crap out of me! All of these stories I’ve seen recently about innocent kids dying because their parents just don’t care make me so sad! Honestly, what did that little baby do to deserve such horrible treatment?! All babies know is what they’re taught and exposed to while growing up and most of the time, they still see the good in the most horrible of situations! Another thing about bad parenting is when you’re in a public place screaming profanities at your toddler. My husband is one of the calmest most laid back people I know and it took everything he had in him one day not to go yell at a woman he saw doing this. In my opinion, if you find yourself pregnant and don’t want the baby, find someone who will. There are thousand of people out there who aren’t able to have babies and I’m sure they would gladly take yours.

Next up is the way people communicate nowadays. Yes, I have a cell phone and all the social media but I don’t walk around saying “lol” instead of just laughing nor do I say hashtag in normal conversation. What is this swag garbage?! Last time I checked, a swag is another word for valance which is the sorry little curtain thing people hang at the top of windows. And yolo? You only live once? That would depend on your beliefs honestly. But it does NOT mean you should go be a moron and blame your stupidity on a saying. Jumping off a bridge without the proper equipment, yolo? No. Pure stupidity.

I think everyone should work in the food industry or retail at least once in their lives so they aren’t completely rude all the time. I’ve worked in both and it was not fun because of the horrible people. Someone gets mad because their order is cooking and they’re running late, maybe you should’ve left earlier instead of stopping for food. The store doesn’t have the product you’re looking for, please complain and yell at the girl stocking the shelves who has nothing to do with ordering.

Finally, the people that don’t seem to know how to drive. The speed limit’s 55 so that makes it totally okay to go 40. Yes, please come to a complete so when you’re turning right and there no stop sign or light. I’m going the speed limit on a four lane, please ride my bumper instead of passing me like a normal human!

Clearly, I can’t stand a lot of things people do. What are your pet peeves? Any arguments or comments about mine? Let me know! See you tomorrow for the post of the day!

If We Were A Movie


I’m a little late but today has been a crazy day. How’s everybody doing?! I don’t know what the weather was like in your area today but here it was COLD! Today’s topic in the October Blogging Challenge is 5 favorite movies. I love romantic comedies so beware. These are in no specific order.


First up is Friends With Benefits starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. I’ve seen this movie probably a million times and it still hasn’t gotten old. As I said in this post, I LOVE Justin Timberlake and he had some awesome lines in this movie. Plus Mila Kunis is gorgeous and also has great lines. Just watch the movie.


My next favorite movie is Music and Lyrics starring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. The relationship these two have in the movie is hysterical. Plus, Brad Garrett and Kristen Johnston are in it which just adds greatness.


Letters to Juliet starring Christopher Egan and Amanda Seyfried is just a wonderful movie. The story comes from a non-fiction book by Lose and Ceil Friedman, I haven’t read the book but the movie makes me want to. My best friend had me watch this movie almost 3 years ago and I’ve seen it about 500 times.


As we’ve previously determined, I love musicals. But Pitch Perfect isn’t like most musicals where everyone magically knows the words to the song and the dance steps. My husband enjoyed this movie and he’s not one for movies that don’t make logical sense. I would tell you who the main people are but there are too many great actors and actresses to list.


Finally, Emma Stone cracks me up in Easy A, which is a movie based a bit off of the book Scarlet Letter. I’m all about speaking in movie quotes and this movie added a lot of lines to my vocabulary. The only negative of this movie is the song “Pocketful of Sunshine” by Natasha Bedingfield will be stuck in your head for hours, possibly even days.

What are your top 5 movies? Any comments on the movies I named? Let me know and I’ll see you back here tomorrow for another post!

So Real


It’s October the third, and it’s time for another day of the October Blogging Challenge. Before I show off the baby’s outfit of the day (OOTD), I just want to say that I can’t believe my baby is 7 months old today! We went to my dad’s for dinner and he celebrated by eating his dad’s ice cream cone. He literally ATTACKED it while his dad was eating it!

The after effects of an ice cream cone.

The after effects of an ice cream cone.

Onto the blogging challenge, I forgot to take a picture of my outfit of the day so I’ll tell you about it. A black Mighty Morphin Power Rangers tshirt (the best Power Rangers ever), dark blue American Eagle jeans, neon yellow socks, and grey and orange New Balance tennis shoes.

Because I find baby clothes absolutely adorable, I took a picture of my son’s ootd. He was originally wearing a white onesie with sporty monkeys on it (see previous picture), but due to an ice cream attack, I had to change his onesie. So he is wearing a Superman onesie (only DC superhero I like), dark blue Garanimals jeans, and light blue tennis shoe socks.

Forgive the crappy picture, he didn't want his picture taken so he kicked me.

Forgive the crappy picture, he didn’t want his picture taken so he kicked me.

Since this post ended up being VERY short, I’ll post another time tonight about new TV shows and my opinion of them this far.

Secret Love


Well, it’s Thankful Thursday on the October Blogging Challenge. There are 3 Thankful Thursdays scheduled for this month so this one will be about the people I’m thankful for.

I’ll be like every parent here, but I’m seriously thankful for my son. His smile and silly personality brighten my whole day. He’s the most curious baby I’ve ever seen. Any time we go somewhere new, he has to look around and figure out what everything is as soon as we get there. He’s starting to crawl now, so I’m about to get the most exercise of my life!

This is how he watches me play games on my phone.

This is how he watches me play games on my phone.

I’m very happy to have the husband I have. He’s my best friend and we are like peas and carrots (I love Forrest Gump), by themselves they’re pretty good but they’re even better together. We laugh at the same jokes, watch the same movies, play the same games, everything.

My brother is my long time best friend. He’s been my best friend for almost 21 years (he’ll be 21 in February). We text each other all day about any and every thing. The other day, he willingly went to the grocery store with me so I could get baby food. Who does that?! My brother, that’s who.

The last (but not least) person I’m enormously thankful for is my only girl best friend, Tera. Yes, she lives like 10 hours away and works like a million jobs (I’m kidding) but we text whenever she gets a free chance. We can send each other shocking things about tv shows that the other has seen (that freaking Happyland episode?!), movie lines, or just about the random weirdness we experienced that day. We send pins on Pinterest and we snapchat too so we’re very social with each other.

Who are you thankful for? Let me know and come back for tomorrow’s post of the day!

I Wish


Happy October everyone! I’ll be doing the entire blogging challenge for the month of October found at Excuse any mistakes because. I’m blogging from my cell phone today, the baby is having sleep issues and this is the only thing I can use without waking him up (darn teething!).

This is before the horrible teething pains kicked in

This is before the horrible teething pains kicked in

Today’s topic is goals for October. My first goal for this month is to secure a venue for the baby’s first birthday party. His birthday isn’t until March but I like having things done early. That way, I’ll know what I’m working with and once I’m all done planning, I can relax until the actual event.

My next goal is to get more exercise. I don’t really get much exercise, it’s so bad that walking up the stairs wears me out. Plus, my husband is back to work so that’ll give the baby and I something to do during the day.

My third and final goal for the month is go through mine and the baby’s clothes and put what doesn’t fit or what we don’t wear in storage. Then go over to my dad’s (maybe) and go through the stuff I have there and see what I have room for here at my house.

What are your goals for the month? Let me know! I’ll be back tomorrow (later today, whatever) with a new post!