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Polar Vortex


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This weather, amirite?! I was at the car dealership today getting my oil changed and on the news they reported that Chicago is going to be COLDER than Mount Everest, Siberia, and ANTARCTICA tomorrow! Like WHAT?! Where I live, we have a high of 14 and a low of 1 tomorrow (not including wind chill of course)! I really don’t want to be trapped in the house with all 3 of my kids, but that temperature sounds WAY too crazy to take them outside!

In preparation of our imminent snow day. I went to the store to pick up a few things I thought we may need tomorrow. I found this union suit for my almost 5 year old and this one for my 3 year old. They are SO cozy and I almost wish I had looked for one for myself. I bought them a size too big so hopefully they’ll be able to wear the pajamas more than just this month. I couldn’t find any for my youngest son, but I’m sure he’ll be fine in the pajamas he has already.

School for tomorrow is already cancelled so I’m planning a Disney movie marathon for tomorrow. We’ll watch Beauty and the Beast (2017), Hercules (1997), Mulan, and The Incredibles 2 (we haven’t seen it yet!). I may add a few more movies in, but that looks like a great line-up to me! I’ve been limiting the boys’ screen time to no more than 2 hours a day and with them going to school every day, it’s been pretty easy. But since tomorrow is a snow day and we won’t be going anywhere, lounging in our pajamas and watching Disney movies sounds like a perfect day. I think I’ll make some chicken noodle soup for dinner.

You is kind. You is smart. You is important.


I read the book The Help in college and have seen the movie half a dozen times and while the grammar is incorrect, I believe the quote in the title has a good meaning. We should teach our children that they are kind, smart, and important. Many people may disagree with me or possibly be offended by my statement, but oh well. The fact that some parents don’t teach their kids much at all drives me INSANE! But that is a rant for another time…

I was always taught that using my manners was one way to be kind. Please, thank you, excuse me, yes ma’am, no sir, etc. As a parent, I’ve tried to lead by example and show my kids how to use their manners. They do great at it and occasionally tell each other “good job using your manners!” I’ve even gotten a few good jobs myself.

Since birth, my oldest son has loved books and learning. At almost 5, he questions everything, has recently gotten into Harry Potter (the movies, not the books yet), and is always willing to watch something educational or play an educational game. My 3 year old loves to learn also, but he’s a mover. If he is moving, then he’s learning. In both of their cases, I’ve found that flash cards work. My oldest son can sit still and tell you what is on the card, my middle son has to move his body whether it be making the letter with his body or doing a certain move the number of times on the card. We specifically use the Playskool cards (found on Amazon here using my affiliate link).

Being a mom of 3 boys under the age of 5, it can be difficult to set aside time one on one with each boy to make them feel important. Today and yesterday, my oldest was home sick from school. Yesterday, he complained of a headache and today, he wasn’t himself. So today, we took his little brothers to school then went to the store for a few things. He didn’t have the strength to walk through the store, so we brought in his blanket and he sat in the cart. I had a little list of things to get and he helped a bit from the cart. He’s my helper, that’s for sure.

My 3 year old is a cuddler, he has been since birth. When we get home from school each day, he’ll climb into the recliner with me and just sit for a couple minutes then he’s good to go play. At night before bed, I sit on his bed to read him a book and sing him a song. I have no idea why, but the ABC song has always calmed him down. He’s at that age now where he wants to get up every 5 minutes and ask for something else. Some of the things he comes up with crack me up. The other night, he asked me “Mom, when I get big, can I be a fixer?” I was like “well sure buddy, you can be whatever you want to be. But right now, let’s worry about sleeping since you have school tomorrow.”

My youngest is about one and a half and hasn’t really shown much of his personality yet. He just started walking about 2 months ago and he’s slowly getting his verbal skills, but it makes him angry when he can’t tell you what he wants. He knows some sign language and he listens very well when he’s asked to do something. For one on one time, he’ll bring his blanket and sit with me and watch NCIS after his brothers go to bed. Honestly, the theme song has put him to sleep on more than one occasion. I’ve been working on animal sounds with him, it’s funny to hear him try to make the sounds.

It’s That Time Of Year


I’ve written here before that my husband is in the military. Well, he is deploying in early June for a year and I’ll be home with our three boys. He left this morning for a 3 week training. I’m hoping to update this blog more as he’s deployed. I can’t find many blogs that talk about National Guard deployments and that’s what we’re going through, so if I’m able to help one person with how we got through a deployment, then it’ll be worth it.

Last night before the big boys went to bed (they’re 4 and 2), my husband and I sat them down and told them that Daddy will be going to Army for a couple weeks. They’ve begun to understand what it means when he “goes to Army” because he’s had quite a few trainings lately, preparing for deployment and everything. They gave him hugs and kisses and he told them to be good, help me, and he’ll talk to them as much as he can.

Adam had a bit of a rough night. He woke up around 11 pm and didn’t go back to sleep until 1 am, but when he woke up this morning he was in a great mood. Andrew was in a great mood also, he did so much of our morning routine by himself. Our morning routine is fairly basic. We wake up and get dressed, come to the living room and read books or play with toy cars for about 20 minutes, then take vitamins and head out the door. Their school serves breakfast and brushes their teeth afterward.

A lot of people are SHOCKED when I tell them my 4 year old has been in school for almost 3 years now. Here in Northern Panhandle, West Virginia we have early head start and head start. At our school specifically, the kids start at age 1. At other schools, they can start as early as 3 months. There are also home visitors that come visit every so often (depending on the child’s age) and observe the children to make sure they’re where they should be developmentally. It’s a really great program honestly.

My 2 year old has been in school for almost a year. Him starting school actually has a funny story. On a Monday, I got a call about an opening in the 3 year old class for my (at the time) 3 year old. I took the spot so he moved up the next day. The Friday of that week, I received another call that there was an opening in the 1 year old class and my (at the time) 1 year old was next on the waiting list. I told them I would talk to my husband and call back. Adam was my baby at the time, however I was 6 months pregnant at the time. After I talked to my husband, we decided it would be best to put Adam in school so he would hopefully adjust before our third baby came along.

Back to now, Andrew is signed up for Pre-K next year, Adam will be moving to the 2 year old room in July, and Jack’s application is in and ready for him to turn 1 in August.

I’m hoping that the big boys had great days when I go to pick them up soon.

Life As We Know It


Life in our house has changed tremendously! We have moved into our own home and we love it. Yes, it is a big difference than what we’re used to, but we’re adjusting quite well. Little Man and Squeaky love having the extra room to move and play and I’m glad they’re able to play together.

Playing and giggling on the floor

Playing and giggling on the floor

Little Man is doing GREAT with his speech; he’s starting to put together full sentences and is able to carry on conversations and make decisions. He’s a fantastic big brother to Squeaky and includes Squeaky in everything he does…well almost everything. He still doesn’t share his cars without me asking him to. He’s adjusting to his toddler bed and his new room very well.

Squeaky is working on standing on his own, he’s up to about 10 seconds now. He’ll take steps when holding onto something or someone’s hands. He loves to play with his big brother and giggles like crazy when he gets tickled. Right now, we’re working on getting him to sleep in his own bed and he seems to be doing well. I’m thinking we’ll move him into the room with Little Man at the first of the month.

I’m going to start updating more often now that I have time and space. So I’ll see you soon! Let me know how you’ve been!


I really need to start writing more often. It’s been a little over two months since I checked in last so let’s get started on the game of catch up.

Squeaky is now five months old. He’s rolling, scooting, and starting to rock on his hands and knees. He started baby food yesterday (sweet potatoes! YUM!) and is doing amazingly with it! He eats about an entire jar each time then nurses for about ten minutes and passes out for two or more hours at a time. He is just getting over an ear infection and has a doctor’s appointment coming up to check and make sure it is gone and to double check his weight. He only gained a pound in two months which is much less than ideal. I’m hoping that by increasing my healthy fat intake (since he’s breastfed) and feeding him some baby food will help him gain the weight he needs to gain. I REALLY don’t want to switch him to formula. It stinks and it takes too much extra work to prepare. I’ve almost gotten him registered for Early Head Start and he’ll start once there’s an opening and he’s a year old (so like next January).

Little Man had his ear tubes put in at the end of March. Those things have been the best thing ever in his life. He talks all the time now and it’s actual words, not just jibber jabber. He can identify about ten letters based on how they look, he knows how to count to ten, and he sings his ABC’s. Plus, he knows a few animal sounds and keeps learning more everyday. Sadly, I think he’s getting to that age where he doesn’t nap anymore. But he is making friends very well, he knows their names and asks me about them constantly. Early Head Start is going to be going on summer break soon and when they go back, Little Man will be in a new class. Luckily, his teachers from last school year (2014-2015) will be his teachers next year (2016-2017) so hopefully he’ll be fine with the new classroom.

I have joined a website called Blogging For Books. Basically, you sign up for an account (completely free!) and order books, which are completely free AS LONG AS you review the books on your blog and on their website. At least that’s how I understand it. So be looking out for my first review, I’m quite excited about the book I got. Other than that, everything is going as it has been.

As a family, we have a family get together this weekend that I’m excited about. It’s to celebrate my husband’s grandparents’ anniversary and my husband’s cousin and her husband are coming in from Hawaii. We haven’t seen them since Thanksgiving of 2014, so it’ll be nice to see them again.

That’s all that’s going on around here. My next update should be coming up soon and will be my book review. See you all later!

Fierce, Fast, and Brave, and Strong…


…look out, here comes the lion guard!  Happy March everyone! Life has been crazy in our household! I’ve watched so many cartoons and given so many doses of medicine over the last few days, it’s insane!
About 2 weeks ago, Little Man had a cold that he passed to his little brother. When I took them both to the doctor (I had no clue how to deal with a cold in a 2 month old), I found out that Little Man had a double ear infection…again. This is his fifth ear infection in a year so we were referred to an ear, nose and throat specialist. We went there and came to the conclusion that he needs tubes since he has fluid sitting in both ears. Little Man will have surgery later in the month to put the tubes in and I’m super nervous about it.
Little Man’s birthday party was much smaller than I estimated again. He had fun so that’s all I really care about.
My attempt at bullet journaling had fallen by the way side, but I’m going to try to pick it up again and hopefully make a habit out of it.
Friday night, Little Man woke up in the middle of the night (like 11 pm) crying and holding his stomach. So we brought him into our bed and tried to comfort him. He didn’t get comfortable enough to sleep until after 2 am. Yesterday, he was miserably tired and today he slept until 9:30, which is super late for him.
Squeaky is progressing greatly! He smiles a lot, stays awake most of the day, and coos. He absolutely loves his big brother and cries when his big brother does. It’s the cutest.

I Can Not Believe It…


I just read a blog post (found here) about why a couple decided to homeschool their children. The fact that bullying is happening in KINDERGARTEN makes me want to homeschool my children more than I previously had wanted to.

My husband and I decided to homeschool our children pretty much the day we found out I was expecting Little Man. Not because of bullying like the post I read, but because school systems (at least where we live) test the ability to memorize information and spit it back rather than teaching information that can be applied and used in everyday life. Neither my husband nor I was homeschooled and we haven’t thought about how to approach it yet, but we know that’s what will be best for our children.

School systems here also act like every child should be the same developmentally and that is not the case. During pregnancy, everyone and every thing tells you that every pregnancy is different. Doesn’t that mean that every child is different, considering they are the results of the pregnancies that were called differemt not so long before? I’ve said before that Little Man goes to early head start. Every few months, they do these evaluations to see where the child is in different aspects (fine motor, gross motor, social, etc). Since starting early head start, Little Man has had 2 of these evaluations and both times they’ve told me that he is behind and should get more evaluations done to see if they could help him. Both times we’ve done these added evaluations, just to see what’s going on since his pediatrician had never said anything to us about him being behind. Both times the results came back that he is perfectly fine. He was a late walker, he started around 15-16 months so that’s why he was considered behind at his first evaluation. At his second one (less than 6 months after his first), he was considered behind because he couldn’t run without falling (neither can I and I’m 25!) and he couldn’t climb stairs without being on his hands and knees (mind you, he’s not even 2 yet). I’m positive that both of those are results of his late walking and he’s working on both of them everyday.

I’m not trying to be one of “those” parents, you know the kind that think the sun shines out their kid’s ass and they can do no wrong? I know when my child does wrong and there are some things he’s flawed in, but he’s a human just like everyone else and just like everyone else he has flaws. Isn’t being different and having flaws what we should embrace instead of turning away from or putting down?

That was a bit of a rant, but if I get the message out to at least one person, I did my job. Thanks for reading.

Down with the Sickness


This weekend was full of sickness in our house. Little Man started off with a cold, then passed it to Squeaky. Little Man also has a double ear infection (the 5th one of his not even 2 years) and is being referred to the ENT to see what’s going on.

On the good news side of our world, Little Man’s second birthday party is this weekend! We already have everything picked out and we just have some last minute things to buy. He’s having a Cars themed party, he’s going to love it (at least I hope so). A few of his little friends will be there, so we’re making some coloring pages. There will also be bubbles and a road made on the floor to drive cars on. Hopefully that will be enough for the kids, since the ages will range from 1 to 6.

Next month, I’m going to start a program to get me into shape before my husband and I go to the Philippines next January. I’m not sure what program I’ll do, but I’m googling. Google is basically my best friend. I haven’t started my bullet journal yet, I have so much going on that I haven’t gotten around to setting it up. Hopefully I’ll be able to sometime before March starts.

That’s all I’ve got for now. How’s life for you? Let me know! See you soon!

This Is It…


Wow! So I have been gone for quite a while, but I have good reasoning! We have no WiFi as of right now, so I’m hurrying to type this using my mobile data. Also, Squeaky was born! His birth story will be posted later at some point. He’s doing great though and Little Man is adjusting very well (better than I thought he would) to having a little brother and we’ve been able to keep our daily routine about the same (luckily).


Little Man still goes to school on a daily basis. His teething hasn’t eased much since November, but I’ve figured out why. He has about 8 teeth trying to come in at the same time, they’re all about halfway in and his mouth looks so weird. Any time he’s talking and I see his molars, I still think he has something in his mouth even though it’s just teeth. He’s learning more words and remembering people very well. His second birthday party is at the end of this month, so I’m currently working on planning that.

I have been busy, considering I have a toddler and a newborn now. For some reason that I’m sure I’ll regret later, I decided to hand make the invitations to Little Man’s birthday party. His grandma has volunteered to buy the decorations and his great aunt is making the cake. I can’t wait to see it all together.

Squeaky is 7 weeks old today. He’s gained more weight than needed so that’s great. His only issue right now is sleeping in his own bed, but he’s starting to sleep there more. I just need to figure out the perfect time after he’s asleep to lay him in his bed.

I’m going to try to post weekly, since I’m going to be starting a bullet journal. I’ll be back next week (hopefully)!

Say My Name


How are youuuu? (Thank you Karen Gillan). Today’s post for the October Blogging Challenge is the story behind your blog name. Sadly, there really isn’t a story behind it, it just popped into my head one day. Then I googled it to make sure there wasn’t a blog with this name (if you know of one that started before my blog, please let me know and I’ll change mine) and then this blog was born. That’s it.

Since that was so short, I’ll add on some random content. If you’re a mom or mom to be reading this, go google mom and baby subscription boxes. You won’t be sorry. There are SO many that I wish I knew about while I was pregnant instead of now that my little guy is 7 months old! There is a long list of them here, some are crossed out but there are still a TON on there! Go check them out. My husband and I are looking into some now!

That’s all I really have to talk about today. Come back tomorrow and I’ll definitely have more for you!