It’s SOOOO HOT!!!!!


I can NOT stand summer! It is just too darn hot. It has been in the 90’s during the day here and that is entirely too warm. I am beyond ready for fall to come around.

Little Man went back to school last Monday and he moved up to the two year old class. He is doing very well and didn’t cry when I left all week. That definitely shows that he is liking his class, in his old class he cried every day when I left. He learns more and more every day and constantly asks what things are and what things say or do.

Squeaky is crawling like crazy and pulling himself up to stand. He seems to be very advanced considering the average for crawling is 8 months and pulling self to stand at 10 months, he is 7 months old. He giggles and chatters all the time and is starting to mimic sounds when he hears them.

We have started playing Pokemon Go much like the rest of the world, which prompted us watching the series on Netflix. Now Little Man walks around pointing out Pikachu and other Pokemon everywhere we go. I’ve considered getting the graphic novels and reading them to Little Man and Squeaky.

I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix before the revival comes back and it is a FANTASTIC show. There is something for everyone. Luke and Lorelai are by far one of my favorite TV couples.

I can’t think of anything else that is going on around here, so I’ll be off now. How are things for all of you? Let me know.

Summer is Here!


Well, it’s been officially summer for about a week now and I’m ready for it to be gone. I can’t stand how hot it gets! It was 75 degrees out when I took Little Man to school at 8:30 this morning! Seriously?! Why so hot so early?! I’m not a person that likes wearing shorts that are much higher on my leg than my knee so maybe it’s just my weirdness but this weather needs to go.

Onto another topic that isn’t a rant about weather…Little Man is currently at his last day of school for this school year. Tomorrow, we have a meeting with his new teacher in his new classroom. Then in mid-July, he’ll go back to school in the two year old room. He’s starting to play with, hug, and talk to his little brother more. His speech has come so far since he got his tubes put in in March. He wants to know what everything is and what everything does. It’s just amazing to see him thriving and learning.

Squeaky is now six months old and busy as ever. He’s crawling, smiling, giggling, and babbling. He absolutely LOVES people and being held. When we take Little Man to school in the morning, Squeaky likes to sit and watch the kids play. Right now, he’s cuddled up to his daddy taking a nap. He loves his big brother and gets a big smile on his face when Little Man pays attention to him. He’s a little behind the weight curve but hopefully eating baby food will help him gain the weight he needs to gain.

I’m slowly working on my next book to review, but it is really hard to find time to read while taking care of two crazy kids. I’m about halfway through the book so it shouldn’t be too much longer before I do the review. My mom is coming up in a couple weeks so it’ll be fun to see her for a bit before we go down to her house in September. Little Man had swimming lessons this month and he did amazingly so we’re planning on going to the pool while my mom is up here. We’re also going to a cookout and the mall and the park…we have a lot of plans.

How has your summer been so far? What kind of things do you have coming up? Let me know!

Hi, I’m Samantha…


and I’m a Pinterest addict. Seriously though, have you SEEN Pinterest. I seriously have everything my dreams can desire saved on there, just in case the occasion arises that I can finally use something. My dream house is decorated, my dream wardrobe is bought, the homeschooling curriculum I’m going to use for my boys is planned, my dream big wedding is planned…hell, I’ve even planned my best friend Kayla’s wedding and she’s not even engaged! Pinterest is an intense pasttime and unless you have hours of your life to devote to it, do not I repeat DO NOT find yourself on Pinterest.




BATDAD!!! So in my last post, I talked about joining Blogging For Books and that I had a book on the way. Well, I got the book BatDad by Blake Wilson. If you’ve never heard of BatDad, here are links to his FacebookVine, and YouTube. My husband found out about him randomly one day and we’ve been OBSESSED ever since! I’m not sure what I had thought the book would be like until I received it and read through it. At the beginning, he tells how he became BatDad then there are photos of his family with captions. Because I’ve watched so any of his videos, I heard his voice in my head as I read the captions. The videos are hilarious and the book definitely lives up to the hilarity of the videos! So if you need a good laugh for the day (or weeks to come), read this book. You won’t be sorry.


**I received this book for free from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review and opinion.**


I really need to start writing more often. It’s been a little over two months since I checked in last so let’s get started on the game of catch up.

Squeaky is now five months old. He’s rolling, scooting, and starting to rock on his hands and knees. He started baby food yesterday (sweet potatoes! YUM!) and is doing amazingly with it! He eats about an entire jar each time then nurses for about ten minutes and passes out for two or more hours at a time. He is just getting over an ear infection and has a doctor’s appointment coming up to check and make sure it is gone and to double check his weight. He only gained a pound in two months which is much less than ideal. I’m hoping that by increasing my healthy fat intake (since he’s breastfed) and feeding him some baby food will help him gain the weight he needs to gain. I REALLY don’t want to switch him to formula. It stinks and it takes too much extra work to prepare. I’ve almost gotten him registered for Early Head Start and he’ll start once there’s an opening and he’s a year old (so like next January).

Little Man had his ear tubes put in at the end of March. Those things have been the best thing ever in his life. He talks all the time now and it’s actual words, not just jibber jabber. He can identify about ten letters based on how they look, he knows how to count to ten, and he sings his ABC’s. Plus, he knows a few animal sounds and keeps learning more everyday. Sadly, I think he’s getting to that age where he doesn’t nap anymore. But he is making friends very well, he knows their names and asks me about them constantly. Early Head Start is going to be going on summer break soon and when they go back, Little Man will be in a new class. Luckily, his teachers from last school year (2014-2015) will be his teachers next year (2016-2017) so hopefully he’ll be fine with the new classroom.

I have joined a website called Blogging For Books. Basically, you sign up for an account (completely free!) and order books, which are completely free AS LONG AS you review the books on your blog and on their website. At least that’s how I understand it. So be looking out for my first review, I’m quite excited about the book I got. Other than that, everything is going as it has been.

As a family, we have a family get together this weekend that I’m excited about. It’s to celebrate my husband’s grandparents’ anniversary and my husband’s cousin and her husband are coming in from Hawaii. We haven’t seen them since Thanksgiving of 2014, so it’ll be nice to see them again.

That’s all that’s going on around here. My next update should be coming up soon and will be my book review. See you all later!

Fierce, Fast, and Brave, and Strong…


…look out, here comes the lion guard!  Happy March everyone! Life has been crazy in our household! I’ve watched so many cartoons and given so many doses of medicine over the last few days, it’s insane!
About 2 weeks ago, Little Man had a cold that he passed to his little brother. When I took them both to the doctor (I had no clue how to deal with a cold in a 2 month old), I found out that Little Man had a double ear infection…again. This is his fifth ear infection in a year so we were referred to an ear, nose and throat specialist. We went there and came to the conclusion that he needs tubes since he has fluid sitting in both ears. Little Man will have surgery later in the month to put the tubes in and I’m super nervous about it.
Little Man’s birthday party was much smaller than I estimated again. He had fun so that’s all I really care about.
My attempt at bullet journaling had fallen by the way side, but I’m going to try to pick it up again and hopefully make a habit out of it.
Friday night, Little Man woke up in the middle of the night (like 11 pm) crying and holding his stomach. So we brought him into our bed and tried to comfort him. He didn’t get comfortable enough to sleep until after 2 am. Yesterday, he was miserably tired and today he slept until 9:30, which is super late for him.
Squeaky is progressing greatly! He smiles a lot, stays awake most of the day, and coos. He absolutely loves his big brother and cries when his big brother does. It’s the cutest.

I Can Not Believe It…


I just read a blog post (found here) about why a couple decided to homeschool their children. The fact that bullying is happening in KINDERGARTEN makes me want to homeschool my children more than I previously had wanted to.

My husband and I decided to homeschool our children pretty much the day we found out I was expecting Little Man. Not because of bullying like the post I read, but because school systems (at least where we live) test the ability to memorize information and spit it back rather than teaching information that can be applied and used in everyday life. Neither my husband nor I was homeschooled and we haven’t thought about how to approach it yet, but we know that’s what will be best for our children.

School systems here also act like every child should be the same developmentally and that is not the case. During pregnancy, everyone and every thing tells you that every pregnancy is different. Doesn’t that mean that every child is different, considering they are the results of the pregnancies that were called differemt not so long before? I’ve said before that Little Man goes to early head start. Every few months, they do these evaluations to see where the child is in different aspects (fine motor, gross motor, social, etc). Since starting early head start, Little Man has had 2 of these evaluations and both times they’ve told me that he is behind and should get more evaluations done to see if they could help him. Both times we’ve done these added evaluations, just to see what’s going on since his pediatrician had never said anything to us about him being behind. Both times the results came back that he is perfectly fine. He was a late walker, he started around 15-16 months so that’s why he was considered behind at his first evaluation. At his second one (less than 6 months after his first), he was considered behind because he couldn’t run without falling (neither can I and I’m 25!) and he couldn’t climb stairs without being on his hands and knees (mind you, he’s not even 2 yet). I’m positive that both of those are results of his late walking and he’s working on both of them everyday.

I’m not trying to be one of “those” parents, you know the kind that think the sun shines out their kid’s ass and they can do no wrong? I know when my child does wrong and there are some things he’s flawed in, but he’s a human just like everyone else and just like everyone else he has flaws. Isn’t being different and having flaws what we should embrace instead of turning away from or putting down?

That was a bit of a rant, but if I get the message out to at least one person, I did my job. Thanks for reading.

Down with the Sickness


This weekend was full of sickness in our house. Little Man started off with a cold, then passed it to Squeaky. Little Man also has a double ear infection (the 5th one of his not even 2 years) and is being referred to the ENT to see what’s going on.

On the good news side of our world, Little Man’s second birthday party is this weekend! We already have everything picked out and we just have some last minute things to buy. He’s having a Cars themed party, he’s going to love it (at least I hope so). A few of his little friends will be there, so we’re making some coloring pages. There will also be bubbles and a road made on the floor to drive cars on. Hopefully that will be enough for the kids, since the ages will range from 1 to 6.

Next month, I’m going to start a program to get me into shape before my husband and I go to the Philippines next January. I’m not sure what program I’ll do, but I’m googling. Google is basically my best friend. I haven’t started my bullet journal yet, I have so much going on that I haven’t gotten around to setting it up. Hopefully I’ll be able to sometime before March starts.

That’s all I’ve got for now. How’s life for you? Let me know! See you soon!

This Is It…


Wow! So I have been gone for quite a while, but I have good reasoning! We have no WiFi as of right now, so I’m hurrying to type this using my mobile data. Also, Squeaky was born! His birth story will be posted later at some point. He’s doing great though and Little Man is adjusting very well (better than I thought he would) to having a little brother and we’ve been able to keep our daily routine about the same (luckily).


Little Man still goes to school on a daily basis. His teething hasn’t eased much since November, but I’ve figured out why. He has about 8 teeth trying to come in at the same time, they’re all about halfway in and his mouth looks so weird. Any time he’s talking and I see his molars, I still think he has something in his mouth even though it’s just teeth. He’s learning more words and remembering people very well. His second birthday party is at the end of this month, so I’m currently working on planning that.

I have been busy, considering I have a toddler and a newborn now. For some reason that I’m sure I’ll regret later, I decided to hand make the invitations to Little Man’s birthday party. His grandma has volunteered to buy the decorations and his great aunt is making the cake. I can’t wait to see it all together.

Squeaky is 7 weeks old today. He’s gained more weight than needed so that’s great. His only issue right now is sleeping in his own bed, but he’s starting to sleep there more. I just need to figure out the perfect time after he’s asleep to lay him in his bed.

I’m going to try to post weekly, since I’m going to be starting a bullet journal. I’ll be back next week (hopefully)!

Trick or Treat


As you all know, Halloween was yesterday and trick or treat took places at random times before that. We got lucky enough to take Little Man trick or treating twice this year. Last year, we just sat on my dad’s porch and handed out candy. He was an adorable little pumpkin and he absolutely loved seeing all the kids in their costumes. He is definitely a people person.

2014 Halloween with Mommy

2014 Halloween with Mommy

2014 Halloween with Daddy

2014 Halloween with Daddy

This year, we went to my husband’s parents’ house on Thursday for trick or treat in their town. Little Man walked for some of it but was carried for most. He can’t quite say “trick or treat” yet, but he said “hi” when he walked up to the house and “thank you” and “bye” after they put the candy in his bucket. Of course, he was smiling the whole time and the weather was perfect for walking around to trick or treat. His mask stayed on the whole hour, we were extremely surprised.

He's Batman.

He’s Batman.

2015 Halloween with Mommy and Grammy Karen

2015 Halloween with Mommy and Grammy Karen

2015 Halloween with Daddy

2015 Halloween with Daddy

Then we went in our town yesterday. Little Man rode in his stroller for the whole thing and was loving life. He saw multiple dogs and was freaking out about those more than he was about getting candy. The mask only lasted about 10 minutes last night and he wouldn’t let me put it back on. The weather was a few degrees warmer than Thursday, but still a gorgeous night. He was wired after trick or treating, so we sat at my dad’s and Little Man played with his best friends, Skye and Odin, two pitbulls that are under 2 years old.

Now time for my rant, if you don’t like people ranting, skip this paragraph. I absolutely cannot stand some people. When we were trick or treating on Thursday, I saw a GIRL (she looked about 12) who was PREGNANT and trick or treating! Yes, I am pregnant and I was trick or treating, but not for myself like she was. My mind was BLOWN when I saw this girl! I swear to you, my jaw hung to the ground. Then as we were trick or treating last night, I heard a kid say “I have to walk all the way over there to get candy?” SERIOUSLY?!?! It’s FREE candy, why are you complaining about getting some exercise on a beautiful night that only comes around one time a year?!?!

The last week was eventful to say the least. In an attempt to start a family tradition, we sat down to watch Hocus Pocus on Wednesday night. Little Man seriously lasted 20 minutes, then passed out. In his defense though, he is teething and it is AWFUL! We’re talking multiple fevers of 101, chewing on everything, sleeping all the time (as long as he’s near Mommy), all sorts of terrible stuff that you absolutely hate to see your kids go through. Little Man also got his last shot until he’s 5 this week, so we have a break from shots for a bit, then when our new little guy is born, we’ll start the horrible shot procedure all over again. I’m 32 weeks pregnant as of this past Friday, so less than 8 weeks (hopefully!) until we meet our new little guy and see how much like his big brother he is. I’m hoping his personality is a bit the same but mostly different, I don’t think I can deal with two crazy little guys running around.

This is how he spent Wednesday and Thursday.

This is how he spent Wednesday and Thursday.

He's still a happy little guy even though he's sick.

He’s still a happy little guy even though he’s sick.

Taking Little Man to school on Monday turned into a big joke! For a bit of backstory, the teachers at the school arrive around 8 am and the students are supposed to be there around 8:30. I’m normally there around 8:20, but I sit there and play with him until breakfast time at 9. When we got to the school, there were two fire trucks parked outside and the teachers were standing outside. We soon found out that when they got there that morning, someone smelled plastic burning so the fire department was called. Later, the head start decided that although the fire department had said the building was fine, the electric company had to be called in, so school was cancelled for the day. Tuesday, school was cancelled so the health department could come check the building. Wednesday and Thursday, Little Man had a fever and was not feeling good due to teething so he didn’t go either of those days. Tomorrow, he WILL be going to school unless his fever comes back, which hopefully it won’t since it’s been gone since Thursday afternoon.

Monday was supposed to be pajama day...

Monday was supposed to be pajama day…

Then we got to school and saw this...

Then we got to school and saw this…

So Daddy taught him to drive (not really) while we waited.

So Daddy taught him to drive (not really) while we waited.

Well, that was a lot more than I had intended to type but I guess a lot happened this week. How was your Halloween/trick or treat? How did October finish out for you? Let me know!