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Well, I haven’t been here in five whole days! It did not seem that long…except for the fact that I lost a lot of sleep. Thankfully, Little Man’s two bottom teeth have come in (at the same time!) so maybe he’ll start sleeping all night again. I’ll try to make up all the October Blogging Challenge posts that I’ve missed so this might end up being a LONG post.

First up is outfit of the day (OOTD). I haven’t taken a picture of a full outfit of mine since like 2012 so of course, the baby’s ootd will be shown. He can’t stand yet, so you’ll have to imagine the look of the pants. The onesie is baby Gap (obviously) and the pants are corduroy OshKosh B’Gosh pants. He’s at the phase of ripping his socks and shoes off and since they’re not pictured, I’m not sure if he’s wearing any.


The top places I want to travel are Rome, Hawaii, and Russia. I want to go everywhere in the world but those are my top three. I want to go to Rome because I think it is a beautiful city and despite failing Latin during my sophomore year in high school, I think the history of Rome is amazing. Hawaii seems like a gorgeous place (from what I’ve seen in pictures) and while I’m not a big fan of beaches, I think I would have a great time there. Finally, Russia has great architecture, plus I love the movie Anastasia so I really want to see all of the palaces there.

I’m currently not reading any books written for anyone over the age of five. With the baby being very fussy this week, I read all six of the books he has about ten times each.

The next post I missed is about a day in the life. Today, we woke up at 6:30 to drive my husband to work so I could take the baby to the doctor at 11 (we only have one car). Turns out the baby has a patch of eczema on his chin since he sucks his thumb, was teething, and the air is starting to dry out. We then went to Walmart to get some healing lotion and ended up getting some baby plates and a new sippy cup (hopefully we don’t lose this one). Meanwhile I was carrying the baby and all of this stuff because Little Man had fallen asleep in the car and did NOT want to be put in the cart (I’ve now decided to put my mei tai carrier in the car for this purpose). After we picked up my husband from work, we came home and had a snack of Cheerios, apples, and avocado (he had breakfast and lunch at the appropriate times). I’ve found out that I find avocado entirely disgusting but if you eat it with apple slices, you can’t taste it. Then we had a few hours of play time, dinner, a nice warm bath, and Little man was out at 8:30.

Finally, today is Transformation Tuesday!

The day he was born to last week. 7 months difference.

The day he was born to last week. 7 months difference.

That was easier than I thought it would be! I’ll be back tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday, so come back and check out some adorable pictures (we’re thinking about doing a baby photo shoot…depending on weather). See you later!


They Write Books About This Sort Of Thing


Aloha everyone! It’s been a crazy Thursday but I couldn’t skip my daily blog post! Today’s topic is what I’m currently reading. My reading list consists of blogs, novels, and children’s books.

For some reason, I can’t remember the book I just read to my son no more than 15 minutes ago! The saddest part is I’ve read it like 20 times since he got it for Easter! Another favorite is I Love You, Mummy, I’m not sure of the author but it’s a relatively good book. We also read “interactive” books, you know the ones with the patches of “fur” for the child to touch.

I’ve been stuck to two blogs since I found them. Team Studer is written by a lovely woman named Tabitha, I found her blog through Pinterest and have followed it ever since. Then there’s Girl Meets Life, where I found the September Blogging Challenge, it’s fairly new to me but Gracie seems like the type of person I could read more about.

I’ve been working on the Oz series by L. Frank Baum for a very long time now. I’m on the second book of 14, so I’m not doing very well with them. My brother guaranteed me that it’s an amazing series plus I’ve always wondered what the movie didn’t show. Plus the play Wicked makes me curious too, so I may need to start reading again.

That’s all I’ve been reading, taking care of a 6 month old doesn’t really allow for much reading. What have you all been reading? I’d love to hear! See you tomorrow everyone!