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I don’t know about everyone else but I love Monday nights, at least until CBS is done with Thursday Night Football. Big Bang Theory is one of my all time favorite shows! Anyway, on with the topic of the day which happens to be my 5 favorite foods. I would include a link to the website I use for this, but the blogger is currently redoing her website!

I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!! I could eat my weight in chocolate and still want more…maybe…but I seriously love chocolate. I don’t know if a love for a certain food can be passed through genetics, but if it can, I TOTALLY blame my mom!

Like I said yesterday, I love Chinese food but mostly vegetable lo mein. I’ve found that our local restaurant has the best vegetable lo mein and I can’t eat it anywhere else now! It’s saddening! Most women that I’ve met that are or have been pregnant can’t stand the food they ate a LOT throughout pregnancy anymore, but that’s SO not the case with me!

Does ice cream count as a food? Well, in my opinion it does so that’s a favorite food for sure. This is another thing I can thank my mom for if food tastes are genetic.

PASTA! Any type of pasta is the best thing ever! Pretty much the only thing I would cook myself while I was in high school was egg noodles with butter and garlic salt mixed in. FREAKING YUM!

The only semi-healthy thing on here is tuna. I love tuna. I mix it with mayonnaise and pickles or make burgers. My husband absolutely loves the recipe that the link goes to, so you should definitely try it out!

Wow, I have some poor food decisions. Thank you genetics for a fast metabolism! What is your favorite food? Let me know stuff! See you tomorrow for the last day of the September Blogging Challenge!


The Little Things


iHola! It’s a new day, meaning it’s time for another post from the September Blogging Challenge! In my head, I say that in one of those epic announcer voices…just so you know. Today’s topic is the 10 things that make you the happiest. This is a bit difficult because I don’t really think about what makes me happiest, it just does. From number two on aren’t in any certain order.

Number one would have to be my son’s adorable face, even if he is making a strange face (see pictures). Although, most parents say that their child’s face brightens their day but my kid is seriously adorable, I’m probably slightly biased.

8 days old

8 days old

3 months old

3 months old

6 months old

6 months old

The second thing that makes me happiest is movie marathons with my brother. We are currently planning one right now, however, there are only two movies on the list so far. It’s great to be able to watch movies that you’ve seen a million times with someone who has also seen them a million times, no one gets mad if they miss a part or can’t hear over the quoting/singing.

Third, my son going to bed without crying makes me pretty stinking happy. Tonight is the first time this has happened, so it’s a new happiness.

Sales at my favorite stores when I have money is the fourth thing that makes me happy. I think that makes everyone happy though! I mean, who doesn’t love getting a shirt that you’ve always wanted but hadn’t been able to because it was out of your price range?!

I get very happy when I’m able to spend time with my husband. Lately, we’ve been watching movies that one of us hasn’t seen or I’ll watch him play a new video game he got. We used to go to about one movie a month and go out to meals at different places, but having a baby changed that a bit so we stay home. Us getting time together is the main thing.

WOOT! I’ve passed the halfway mark! I really love Chinese food, so I get pretty happy when I’m able to have some good Chinese. Vegetable lo mein, chicken and broccoli, and peanut butter chicken are my absolutely favorites. It was the only food that I was able to keep down during that HORRIBLE time of “morning” sickness in pregnancy. I’ll have to express my feelings on “morning” sickness in another post. I’m sure anyone who has been pregnant (and possibly their partners) are totally on my side.

Hmmm…I need four more things that make me happy. OH! Nice, long, refreshing, hot showers make me very happy. Again, anyone with a child knows how great it is. I sing super loud during these times, just because I CAN!!!

Being able to write down my thoughts and everything here makes me pretty happy too. It’s great to get it all out and have a bunch of AWESOME people read it!

Listening to my favorite music is great! Last year, when iOS 7 came out, I lost everything I had on my phone. I’m finally getting some music back now but I get a new phone in November so I’ll have to do it all over again then. Ugh.

Last one…hmmm…people with a sense of humor make me happy. I’ve only met a few people that didn’t have senses of humor and meeting them as awful. I think you should be able to laugh at everything that’s supposed to be funny!

There ya go guys, the 10 things that make me happiest. Come on back tomorrow for another post! See ya later!