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Colors of the Wind


(This is my first post from the WordPress app so hopefully this will turn out well)

Hello there folks! How’s December treating you? We’re doing pretty good here. Little Man is sleeping, the husband is playing a video game and I’m watching Netflix. Have you ever seen Fringe? OMG, it’s a CRAZY show.
Little Man has been Disneybounding every time we go somewhere.




By the way, the burrito in the second picture is just cheese rolled up and melted in a tortilla.
Little Man had his 9 month checkup and a flu shot today. He did great with the shot, he didn’t cry until the doctor already had the needle in and he stopped crying when I picked him up. He’s growing up so fast. I can’t believe I’m already planning his first birthday party. How is it that one year can pass so quickly sometimes and so slowly other times?!
This weekend coming up, we are getting pictures with Santa (wish us luck on that) and we’re attending a family Christmas party with family I’ve never met. I’m really bad in those situations so I’m hoping I’ll be able to be social at least once.
What are your plans for the weekend? Have you tried Disneybounding? Let me know in the comments below!


Remember December


It’s December folks and we all know what that means…every store you go into will be PACKED with people who refuse to shop the other 11 months of the year.

We had to go to the mall but like smart people, we waited until this past Saturday. We knew it would be a little full but hoped that the people would be spread out enough to move…thank goodness we were right…except for that line to see Santa. UGH! Good news though! We got a tie and socks to finish out Little Man’s Christmas suit! He will look awesome! By the way, Party City had NO How To Train Your Dragon decorations so now Little Man’s birthday party theme is unknown.

Modeling his new tie with his pajamas

Modeling his new tie with his pajamas

Over the last few days, my super photogenic Little Man has NOT wanted his picture taken. I think he got sick of it with a million cameras flashing in his face on Thanksgiving. Here are some atrocities I have captured…

He looks like he's asleep but this is an hour after he woke up...

He looks like he’s asleep but this is an hour after he woke up…

He looks very mad...

He looks very mad…

Then on Sunday, we decided we would finally take some pictures for a Christmas card (we’re a bit late I know). At first, Little Man was cooperating, then we ended up with pictures like this…

He hates sitting still...

He hates sitting still…

Yesterday, Little Man decided he would let me take adorable pictures again.



We went shopping and he got this ADORABLE new bear that he absolutely LOVES. The bear’s name is Snowby and he shivers when you touch his nose (Little Man knows this and when I ask what Snowby does, he touches Snowby’s nose and giggles). He came with a storybook that tells about why he shivers and it’s just downright adorable!

As for my husband and I, we have a fancy dinner/Christmas party thingamajig to go to on Saturday. We’ll get all dressed up, leave Little Man with a sitter, go to a country club that we would never step foot in on a normal day, and watch people drink crazy amounts of alcohol while we eat some okay tasting food. Sounds like an awesome time, right? HA! But this year I’m way more prepared than I was last year. See, last year I was about 6 months pregnant at this party and wore the only dress I owned that fit…a sweater dress. When we got to the party, the women were wearing gowns…yes, GOWNS…like you’d wear to prom (the long kind not those short skimpy things that teenagers nowadays try to pass off as a gown but it barely covers anything). This year, I emailed the lady who organized the party and asked if the dress code was the same and she told me yes, so I went and got this really pretty cobalt blue dress that comes a bit past my knee (which is AWESOME since I’m 5’11”) and gold sparkly flats. I’m probably a bit more excited than I should be, but oh well. I’ll post pictures after the party at some point.

I totally forgot to mention Disneybound December (if you don’t know what Disneybounding is, click here)! I’ve been working on this since October and finally decided on what would happen. I decided Little Man will be the only one to Disneybound, since he has a million pieces of clothing in every color imaginable. But then I realized that there was really no point in getting him dressed in normal clothes if we weren’t going anywhere, so he’ll only be Disneybounding when we go somewhere. Luckily, December is the busiest month of the year for us, so he’ll be doing a lot.

I was going for Mufasa...

I was going for Mufasa…

I don’t have a set schedule yet, but I’ll post it as soon as I do! I’ll be going now, see you back here later!

When You Look Me In The Eyes


Today is the last day of September meaning it’s the last day of the September Blogging Challenge. If you’d like to do the October Blogging Challenge, click here. Today’s topic is 30 random facts about yourself so let’s go!

  1. My birthday is in winter but I hate wintertime.
  2. I’m a natural redhead and I’ve heard almost every joke about it (if you think you have a new one, comment. I like a good joke.).
  3. When I was younger, I wouldn’t have pictured my life the way it is now.
  4. I’ve lived in Germany and used to speak fluent German. I can only count to ten in German now.
  5. Because I lived there, I can’t donate blood, something about the possibility of mad cow disease (even though it was 20 years ago).
  6. I’m 5 feet 11 inches and I’ve actually met females taller than me.
  7. I’m the oldest but shortest of my blood siblings.
  8. My best friend is 5 feet 2 inches and I don’t think the height difference has ever phased us.
  9. I attended one year of college at West Liberty University and hate that I never went back.
  10. I’m 23 and I love Disney movies. Anna from Frozen could seriously be me (but I’m not gonna sue anyone like that one lady is doing).
  11. I have a hard time getting motivated to do lots of things.
  12. My two favorite beverages are Dr. Pepper and chocolate milk (not together of course).
  13. I hate having ice in my drink when I go out to eat. Just so you know, the drink comes out of the machine at a cool enough temperature and water dilutes the drink.
  14. A lot of small things about people anger me, which makes me not be able to stand those people for long periods of time.
  15. I’m planning on Disneybounding myself and my son for the month of December. Don’t know what Disneybounding is? Click here. More on that toward the end of November.
  16. I LOVE Stargate SG-1, not obsessive love but I could probably watch it over and over again.
  17. Romantic comedies are my favorite type of movie.
  18. My favorite animal is a penguin. I wanted to do my son’s room in a penguin/ice blue/gray theme but I wasn’t able to.
  19. I’ve never paid for my own car.
  20. I count Burger King as my first job even though I had one before it.
  21. I still listen to music that I listened to in high school.
  22. I make a lot of lists.
  23. I start planning things extremely early.
  24. I like being early to things (but thanks to my husband, we hardly ever are).
  25. I love how well my son is developing but sometimes I wish he wasn’t able to move himself around again.
  26. I’ve dated a few guys that I probably shouldn’t have but I don’t regret it because I believe that everything happens for a reason.
  27. I hope to be a wedding planner or interior designer sometime in my life.
  28. I love weddings but I’ve only been to 3 and I was in all of them.
  29. I’m currently working on watching about 5 tv series’s on Netflix.
  30. I’m a horribly judgmental person (at least I admit it).

Feel free to comment on any of these facts! See you tomorrow for the new challenge!