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It’s Like My iPod’s Stuck On Replay


Being the age I am (23), I still have friends on social media that do monthly picture challenges. Since I’m a mom, a majority (probably a good 29 out of 30) of the pictures would be of my son and let’s be honest, that would bother some people.

How could this face bother someone?!

How could this face bother someone?!

So I googled September Blogging Challenges and found the one I’m about to do (list found at this AWESOME blog). By the way, I do realize that it’s already the 22nd but that still leaves 8 days of things to talk about.

Today’s topic is songs I currently have on repeat.

Now I am a MAJOR fan of musicals, I haven’t seen them all (and none on stage) but I’m working on it. I’ve never seen the Legally Blonde musical but my best friend Tera introduced me to this song and I fell in love. I was listening to it in the car today and did an extra lap around the block so I could hear the whole song, we all know what that’s like.

Can we just talk about how GORGEOUS her voice is?!

I’m a CRAZY Disney nut and Frozen is by far my favorite Disney movie. Anna has the exact weirdness that I have!

That’s all the songs that are on repeat for me today, but I’ll be back here tomorrow. Same bat time, same bat channel (bad old tv series reference)

People, Let Me Tell Ya ‘Bout My Best Friend


Look at me writing another post sooner than I did last time! Yes I realize how strange the title is, but if you knew me (or if you keep reading this blog) you’d totally understand the weirdness and possibly learn to love it.

Obviously, I’m gonna tell you about my best friend…other than my husband and my brother. We’ve only been friends for almost 3 years and it has been amazing, if I do say so myself (and I do).

A little bit of backstory for you, in the 2011-2012 school year we both attended what is possibly the smallest university I’ve ever seen and lived in the same dorm building, heck her room was right next to my high school best friend’s room! But we didn’t meet until December of 2011, the 8th to be exact. I had originally gone to her room to study with her roommate (my lab partner) for a final we had the next day. It was a Thursday night (anyone who went to college knows what happens on Thursdays) and my lab partner was one of those worrisome mom types, meaning she had to make sure everyone was alright when they got back from parties and what not. Well, she pretty much left me in her room with her roommate (whom I’d never met before in my life). I had debated going back to my dorm to study done I already knew what was going on on the final and didn’t need to study (I had an A in class), but then we started talking about weddings and Pinterest and that’s where it all began.

That night we watched movies I’d never seen and spent until the morning talking, laughing, and finding out how much we were alike. The winter semester ended the next week but we continued talking over break and the next semester we were practically inseparable. We had three classes together, ate all of our meals together, and hung out as much as possible.

After the year ended, neither of us went back to that college. She was three hours away from home, so she went to a college closer to her house and I never went back to college. We still found time to get together and I even went on vacation with her family last year. She is an honorary aunt to my son and the person I text when I just need to rant or get a silly idea out of my head.

Last month, she moved to South Carolina and she told me today that she’s feeling super homesick so I wrote this post to let her know this:


You are an amazing, beautiful, gracious person. You deserve to be happy and live your life whether it be here, there, or in Paris. I’m not saying it’ll be easy all the time but it does get easier. At one point, you’ll probably even feel like you don’t ever want to come home because you love where you are and that’s okay! Just know I love you best friend and I miss you everyday.

Love, me 🙂

One of the many songs we’ve rocked out to.

The song that inspired the title.

Isn't she gorgeous?!

Isn’t she gorgeous?!

Introducing Me…


My life isn’t one that some people would love to have. I don’t climb Mount Everest or save strangers from peril in my spare time, but I figure that most people don’t. But those that aren’t superheroes lead their own adventures, whether they be outrageous, devastating, or infuriating. The posts to follow will be of my adventures.
I’m a stay at home mom of the craziest, happiest, sweetest little boy I’ve ever met so most of my posts will most likely be about the silly things he does as he grows.
I love the entertainment industry, well mostly movies but some tv and music. I’ve seen some movies a million times but I’ve found out that there are some movies I’ve never seen before. I know a bit about gaming, from Sega Genesis to Xbox One and all consoles in between, I’m mostly into PC games though.
I have a very short temper, so you may see some posts about how much people irritate me. I’m one of those girls that hangs out with guys instead of girls because guys don’t have as much drama.
This post got very long very quickly, so I’ll be going. Another post will be added tomorrow hopefully. Have an awesome day!

The song that inspired the title.