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Disney Movie Nights- Intro


I’m a HUGE Disney fan. I would say I’ve seen every movie but that’s not true at all. Did you know there are 534 Disney movies, not including Star Wars and Marvel but including Disney Channel Original Movies?! That’s a LOT of movies; I’ve seen maybe 125-150 of them. But my children have seen maybe 20, so I absolutely HAD to change that. I made a list of movies I know they haven’t seen but would enjoy, movies they’ve seen but not much, and movies they’ve seen and loved. Oh, they also had to be movies I could stand so you won’t find Sleeping Beauty (she’s only in the movie for like 20 minutes!) or the Toy Story movies (I just didn’t like them) on our list. To go with this list, I’m incorporating a snack (or dinner in the case of Lady and the Tramp) to go with each movie.

Tonight was our first night, we watched Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and our snack was Snow White’s Candy Apples. Andrew really enjoyed the movie and Adam sat still a pretty good amount, which is a good sign for him. Andrew told me after the movie that he “thought it was scary but really great!” They also loved the snacks, but it has sugar in it so that’s no surprise. I’ll post our list once I get it all figured out, I’m still working on pairing snacks with movies. Hercules was very difficult at first!

Our version of Snow White’s Candy Apples


Time Warp!


Well it’s Sunday, sorry people with Monday through Friday jobs. Today’s post in the October Blogging Challenge is weekend highlights and I actually had a fun night this weekend!

Have you heard of the movie Rocky Horror Picture Show? If you haven’t, I highly recommend it…unless you don’t like musicals, humor, or Susan Sarandon’s singing (that last one is a little hard to get past). Anyway, since a few years after the movie came out, there have been showings. Basically, you go to a theatre with a big group of people that may or may not be dressed as characters from the movie and watch the movie. BUT it’s slightly interactive, like there are lines you yell during the movie and items you throw at the screen at certain parts. I’m terrible at describing it but it was SUPER fun! You should totally find out where there is one near you and go! My brother and I went (we didn’t dress up) and we’re already trying to get a large group and costumes together for next year’s showing! I didn’t get many pictures because you have to turn your cell phone off (like in all movie theaters).

We sat in front of a wall so no one would have the screen blocked by our tall selves. We're so considerate.

We sat in front of a wall so no one would have the screen blocked by our tall selves. We’re so considerate.

See you tomorrow for my next post!

If We Were A Movie


I’m a little late but today has been a crazy day. How’s everybody doing?! I don’t know what the weather was like in your area today but here it was COLD! Today’s topic in the October Blogging Challenge is 5 favorite movies. I love romantic comedies so beware. These are in no specific order.


First up is Friends With Benefits starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. I’ve seen this movie probably a million times and it still hasn’t gotten old. As I said in this post, I LOVE Justin Timberlake and he had some awesome lines in this movie. Plus Mila Kunis is gorgeous and also has great lines. Just watch the movie.


My next favorite movie is Music and Lyrics starring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. The relationship these two have in the movie is hysterical. Plus, Brad Garrett and Kristen Johnston are in it which just adds greatness.


Letters to Juliet starring Christopher Egan and Amanda Seyfried is just a wonderful movie. The story comes from a non-fiction book by Lose and Ceil Friedman, I haven’t read the book but the movie makes me want to. My best friend had me watch this movie almost 3 years ago and I’ve seen it about 500 times.


As we’ve previously determined, I love musicals. But Pitch Perfect isn’t like most musicals where everyone magically knows the words to the song and the dance steps. My husband enjoyed this movie and he’s not one for movies that don’t make logical sense. I would tell you who the main people are but there are too many great actors and actresses to list.


Finally, Emma Stone cracks me up in Easy A, which is a movie based a bit off of the book Scarlet Letter. I’m all about speaking in movie quotes and this movie added a lot of lines to my vocabulary. The only negative of this movie is the song “Pocketful of Sunshine” by Natasha Bedingfield will be stuck in your head for hours, possibly even days.

What are your top 5 movies? Any comments on the movies I named? Let me know and I’ll see you back here tomorrow for another post!

The Little Things


iHola! It’s a new day, meaning it’s time for another post from the September Blogging Challenge! In my head, I say that in one of those epic announcer voices…just so you know. Today’s topic is the 10 things that make you the happiest. This is a bit difficult because I don’t really think about what makes me happiest, it just does. From number two on aren’t in any certain order.

Number one would have to be my son’s adorable face, even if he is making a strange face (see pictures). Although, most parents say that their child’s face brightens their day but my kid is seriously adorable, I’m probably slightly biased.

8 days old

8 days old

3 months old

3 months old

6 months old

6 months old

The second thing that makes me happiest is movie marathons with my brother. We are currently planning one right now, however, there are only two movies on the list so far. It’s great to be able to watch movies that you’ve seen a million times with someone who has also seen them a million times, no one gets mad if they miss a part or can’t hear over the quoting/singing.

Third, my son going to bed without crying makes me pretty stinking happy. Tonight is the first time this has happened, so it’s a new happiness.

Sales at my favorite stores when I have money is the fourth thing that makes me happy. I think that makes everyone happy though! I mean, who doesn’t love getting a shirt that you’ve always wanted but hadn’t been able to because it was out of your price range?!

I get very happy when I’m able to spend time with my husband. Lately, we’ve been watching movies that one of us hasn’t seen or I’ll watch him play a new video game he got. We used to go to about one movie a month and go out to meals at different places, but having a baby changed that a bit so we stay home. Us getting time together is the main thing.

WOOT! I’ve passed the halfway mark! I really love Chinese food, so I get pretty happy when I’m able to have some good Chinese. Vegetable lo mein, chicken and broccoli, and peanut butter chicken are my absolutely favorites. It was the only food that I was able to keep down during that HORRIBLE time of “morning” sickness in pregnancy. I’ll have to express my feelings on “morning” sickness in another post. I’m sure anyone who has been pregnant (and possibly their partners) are totally on my side.

Hmmm…I need four more things that make me happy. OH! Nice, long, refreshing, hot showers make me very happy. Again, anyone with a child knows how great it is. I sing super loud during these times, just because I CAN!!!

Being able to write down my thoughts and everything here makes me pretty happy too. It’s great to get it all out and have a bunch of AWESOME people read it!

Listening to my favorite music is great! Last year, when iOS 7 came out, I lost everything I had on my phone. I’m finally getting some music back now but I get a new phone in November so I’ll have to do it all over again then. Ugh.

Last one…hmmm…people with a sense of humor make me happy. I’ve only met a few people that didn’t have senses of humor and meeting them as awful. I think you should be able to laugh at everything that’s supposed to be funny!

There ya go guys, the 10 things that make me happiest. Come on back tomorrow for another post! See ya later!

I Do


Bonjour! Parlez-vous français? No? Good, me either. Happy Friday everyone! In honor of it being Friday, here’s a Flashback Friday picture.

My brothers and I at Niagara Falls in 2002. (ignore the crookedness)

My brothers and I at Niagara Falls in 2002. (ignore the crookedness)

Continuing the September Blogging Challenge, today is my top 5 favorite hobbies/pastimes. This is a tough topic, but not as difficult as yesterday’s was. These aren’t in any specific order.

First, I love listening to music. I recently reloaded my iPod so I’ve been rocking out a lot more than usual. Right now, it’s only got a few singers and soundtracks but it’s more than it had for the last year. I like all kinds of music from First of the Year by Skrillex to First Time in Forever from Frozen (I feel that’s a HUGE range).

My second favorite hobby is playing with my 6 month old son. He’s right at the age where he giggles at the smallest things that happen and his little laugh is super contagious.

Third, I love writing. I don’t get much of a chance anymore but when I was about 16 or so, my brother and I used to write fanfiction like crazy. We would post a new story almost week. If you’d like to read the one I wrote, click here. It uses the characters of Grey’s Anatomy and puts them in high school.

My fourth favorite hobby would have to be watching movies. My DVD collection contains about 50 movies, most of which I bought myself (thank you $5 bin at Walmart) but some were given to me as gifts for Christmas or my birthday. My brothers and I used to have movie marathons every weekend when we all still lived with our dad. I’ll be writing a post about my brothers probably tomorrow so you can put faces to them.

My brothers and I in 2011

My brothers and I in 2011

My last and final favorite hobby is playing game apps on my phone and tablet. I have an iPhone and an Android tablet so I’m able to get any app that looks interesting to me. Right now, I’m addicted to Angry Birds Go! and like most smartphone owners, Candy Crush. The only time I’m really able to play is when the baby is sleeping but I fully take advantage of that time.

Asleep at his grandma's yesterday.

Asleep at his grandma’s yesterday.

Only 4 days left of the blogging challenge, but hopefully this week of writing will help my creative juices flow and I’ll be able to add a post everyday. So let me know, what are your favorite hobbies/pastimes? I’ll be back here tomorrow to write the next installment of the challenge and possibly write a second post about my brothers.

People, Let Me Tell Ya ‘Bout My Best Friend


Look at me writing another post sooner than I did last time! Yes I realize how strange the title is, but if you knew me (or if you keep reading this blog) you’d totally understand the weirdness and possibly learn to love it.

Obviously, I’m gonna tell you about my best friend…other than my husband and my brother. We’ve only been friends for almost 3 years and it has been amazing, if I do say so myself (and I do).

A little bit of backstory for you, in the 2011-2012 school year we both attended what is possibly the smallest university I’ve ever seen and lived in the same dorm building, heck her room was right next to my high school best friend’s room! But we didn’t meet until December of 2011, the 8th to be exact. I had originally gone to her room to study with her roommate (my lab partner) for a final we had the next day. It was a Thursday night (anyone who went to college knows what happens on Thursdays) and my lab partner was one of those worrisome mom types, meaning she had to make sure everyone was alright when they got back from parties and what not. Well, she pretty much left me in her room with her roommate (whom I’d never met before in my life). I had debated going back to my dorm to study done I already knew what was going on on the final and didn’t need to study (I had an A in class), but then we started talking about weddings and Pinterest and that’s where it all began.

That night we watched movies I’d never seen and spent until the morning talking, laughing, and finding out how much we were alike. The winter semester ended the next week but we continued talking over break and the next semester we were practically inseparable. We had three classes together, ate all of our meals together, and hung out as much as possible.

After the year ended, neither of us went back to that college. She was three hours away from home, so she went to a college closer to her house and I never went back to college. We still found time to get together and I even went on vacation with her family last year. She is an honorary aunt to my son and the person I text when I just need to rant or get a silly idea out of my head.

Last month, she moved to South Carolina and she told me today that she’s feeling super homesick so I wrote this post to let her know this:


You are an amazing, beautiful, gracious person. You deserve to be happy and live your life whether it be here, there, or in Paris. I’m not saying it’ll be easy all the time but it does get easier. At one point, you’ll probably even feel like you don’t ever want to come home because you love where you are and that’s okay! Just know I love you best friend and I miss you everyday.

Love, me 🙂

One of the many songs we’ve rocked out to.

The song that inspired the title.

Isn't she gorgeous?!

Isn’t she gorgeous?!

Introducing Me…


My life isn’t one that some people would love to have. I don’t climb Mount Everest or save strangers from peril in my spare time, but I figure that most people don’t. But those that aren’t superheroes lead their own adventures, whether they be outrageous, devastating, or infuriating. The posts to follow will be of my adventures.
I’m a stay at home mom of the craziest, happiest, sweetest little boy I’ve ever met so most of my posts will most likely be about the silly things he does as he grows.
I love the entertainment industry, well mostly movies but some tv and music. I’ve seen some movies a million times but I’ve found out that there are some movies I’ve never seen before. I know a bit about gaming, from Sega Genesis to Xbox One and all consoles in between, I’m mostly into PC games though.
I have a very short temper, so you may see some posts about how much people irritate me. I’m one of those girls that hangs out with guys instead of girls because guys don’t have as much drama.
This post got very long very quickly, so I’ll be going. Another post will be added tomorrow hopefully. Have an awesome day!

The song that inspired the title.