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I Put A Spell On You


Happy Halloween! It’s the last day of the October Blogging Challenge so the posts from now on will be super random and crazy. Yesterday, I gave a sneak peek of sorts to Little Man’s Halloween costume. I didn’t dress up this year but I have big plans next year (hopefully they work out). Like I said previously, I did NOT take my baby trick or treating, we just handed out candy.On to Little Man’s costume…he was a PUMPKIN!

See how the orange shirt and camo pants kinda make sense now?

See how the orange shirt and camo pants kinda make sense now?

He’s in the phase of copying people’s facial expressions so it’s hard to tell what he’ll look like in pictures anymore. He left the costume on for about half an hour then started getting fussy so we took a ton of pictures then took it off of him.

I have no idea why I'm looking up so high...

I have no idea why I’m looking up so high…

They are weird.

They are weird.

It turned out that Little Man just wanted a bottle.


That’s our Halloween. How was yours? What did you dress yourself/family/kids up as? Let me know! See you back here tomorrow!

Dangerous To Know


It’s Thankful Thursday again folks! If you’re just tuning in, I got my blogging challenge from here. This Thankful Thursday is going to be a big list of the things I love and couldn’t live without…not mom things like last time…just anything. So in no specific order, here are 10 random things I’m thankful for:

  1. Dr. Pepper and any remake of it– I’m not sure when I first had Dr. Pepper but it was a great day. I’ve gone like a week without Dr. Pepper and I feel like I’m dying.
  2. Empowering music– you know, those songs that you know every word to and listen to when you’re pissed or depressed and just yell the lyrics? Yeah, a lot of those songs have gotten me through everything.
  3. Pajama pants/ sweat pants– I don’t wear them out in public but as soon as I get into my bedroom, I change immediately. The feeling of pajamas is super relaxing in itself. I’m currently sporting a pair of DC pajama pants from like 5 years ago. I’m more of a Marvel fan but there were no Marvel pants in my size in the men’s section (being almost 6 feet tall I get my pajamas from there so I know they’re long enough).
  4. My cell phone– I know, how cliche of me. Having a baby at the stage he’s at, I’m glad I have a camera at the ready because who knows when he’ll do whatever he’s doing again!
  5. Pinterest– again, super cliche, another blogger talking about Pinterest. HAVE YOU SEEN THAT WEBSITE?! If you turn up your nose or get all judgey of the people that talk about Pinterest, you probably haven’t visited the site. If you don’t like Pinterest, you should probably go be sad and boring elsewhere.
  6. Internet humor– I LOVE the internet humor I see now! Like white girls and can’t even, Dwight Schrute memes, anything and everything! Well, the stuff I understand. I don’t understand the Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, or Doctor Who stuff because I haven’t watched those shows.
  7. Frozen– yes, the super popular Disney movie from last year. Have you seen it? I love everything about it! Plus, my son will watch the whole movie and sometimes fall asleep while we’re in the car (our relatives live about an hour away and Little Man hates his car seat).
  8. Fashion– I don’t have the money for the wardrobe I want, but I really love looking at outfits that people put together and trying to figure out if I could make it work with what I have.
  9. Mom Blogs– I am SO thankful for blogs written by moms! While I was pregnant, I must’ve read thousands of them! Heck, now I read thousands. It’s nice to be able to reference another person’s experiences in certain situations (teething, baby poop, colic).
  10. Tutorials/checklists– the people that write these two things are awesome. It helps to reference multiple ones to see what I should pack for a weekend away, or things to things about when you’re about to move, or how to make a bracelet, or how I can easily style my hair (still none that don’t require French braids or some variation), or how to follow a crochet pattern (still haven’t completed a project yet).

What random things are you thankful for? Anything about my things bother or interest you? Let me know in the comments! See you tomorrow for the final day of the October Blogging Challenge!

Who You Are


Well, yesterday’s post in the October Blogging Challenge was a day in the life. I purposely missed it because we did NOTHING yesterday and I’m glad I skipped it because today was EVENTFUL! First, I got the first clear picture of the baby’s tooth he has coming in! That might seem silly, but he’s been working on that thing since JULY people!

See it on our left (his right)?!

See it on our left (his right)?!

Blurry picture of said tooth.

Blurry picture of said tooth.

Little Man being seven months old has been working on standing for a while but he would never grab a hold of anything to pull himself up except mine and my husband’s hands. Until I put him in his pack n play to go make dinner…

Ignore the background.

Ignore the background.

Lastly, we had trick or treating locally tonight. Before you ask, I am NOT one of those parents that takes their baby trick or treating. Seriously, come on people, we all know you’re gonna eat the candy. Just wait until the day after Halloween and go to Walmart for the half off sale. We sat on my dad’s porch and handed out candy and then had dinner afterward. Since tomorrow’s topic is Halloween costume, I’ll give you a quick glimpse.

He was playing with the dogs at my dad's.

He was playing with the dogs at my dad’s. Yes, I realize that he doesn’t really match but the costume ties it all together…minus the red socks…

I’ll write another post for today’s topic in the challenge since this one got a bit long…

Brighter Than The Sun


Happy Hump Day (btw, I don’t understand that)! I missed yesterday’s post but I’ll make it up in just a few minutes. BUT FIRST, I found  this AWESOME blog yesterday and you HAVE to read it! She has the same sense of humor that I do, so I pretty much DIE laughing while I’m reading. Now to the October Blogging Challenge!

Yesterday’s post was top tips for a new blogger. I only have two tips that I can think of, since I’m a new blogger too. First of all, be yourself. I feel like it’s super obvious when people are fake whether it’s in writing or in real life. My second tip is don’t expect perfection. There will be posts that get read multiple times by the same person then there will be some that only the most loyal of readers will read, and that’s perfectly okay!

Now for today’s post, the topic is my favorite beauty products. I think of beauty products as makeup, hair care, and skin care. I like looking at beauty products but I rarely buy or use them. When I do buy/use them, I usually buy brands that are cheaper and do what they’re supposed to do without the added flair and excitement. In makeup, I usually go with CoverGirl or NYC. My current hair care products are Aussie and Garnier Fructis. Sadly, I don’t currently have a skin care regimen, which should probably change because I’ve had very acne prone skin my whole life except when I was pregnant.

So what are your tips for new bloggers? What are your favorite beauty products? Let me know! I’ll see you back here tomorrow for another post!

I'll leave you with this adorable picture of Little Man cuddling his blankie.

I’ll leave you with this adorable picture of Little Man cuddling his blankie.

Time Warp!


Well it’s Sunday, sorry people with Monday through Friday jobs. Today’s post in the October Blogging Challenge is weekend highlights and I actually had a fun night this weekend!

Have you heard of the movie Rocky Horror Picture Show? If you haven’t, I highly recommend it…unless you don’t like musicals, humor, or Susan Sarandon’s singing (that last one is a little hard to get past). Anyway, since a few years after the movie came out, there have been showings. Basically, you go to a theatre with a big group of people that may or may not be dressed as characters from the movie and watch the movie. BUT it’s slightly interactive, like there are lines you yell during the movie and items you throw at the screen at certain parts. I’m terrible at describing it but it was SUPER fun! You should totally find out where there is one near you and go! My brother and I went (we didn’t dress up) and we’re already trying to get a large group and costumes together for next year’s showing! I didn’t get many pictures because you have to turn your cell phone off (like in all movie theaters).

We sat in front of a wall so no one would have the screen blocked by our tall selves. We're so considerate.

We sat in front of a wall so no one would have the screen blocked by our tall selves. We’re so considerate.

See you tomorrow for my next post!

Like Yesterday


Well, I’ve missed a few days again. I’m working on learning to crochet so I get focused on that and completely blank on writing for my blog or on the story I’ve been working on. I just posted the Wordless Wednesday post that I missed so I’ll fill in the rest of the October Blogging Challenge now!

I don’t really have a favorite past Halloween costume. I was a cheerleader for a few years (stupid idea when it’s cold as all get out in late October) but other than that, I never really dressed up.

My top 5 favorite workout songs are Think Good Thoughts by Colbie Caillat, It Stops Today by Colbie Caillat, You Make Me Feel Like A Star (Lizzie Mix) by The Beu Sisters, Whipped Into Shape from the Legally Blonde Musical, and Bellas Finals from Pitch Perfect. Mind you, the exercise I do to these is either dance around the kitchen, sing super loud while driving, or attempt to not fall while singing loudly in the shower.

I have to be honest on this one, my most favorite thing about the holidays is the food. I’m a fat kid at heart (I would be in real life but luckily my genetics gave me a fast metabolism) so I love the fact that I now have to attend 3 Thanksgivings and 5 Christmases. Plus, I love seeing family, especially my side to see how much all the kids are growing (my son is the only grandbaby that visits often on my husband’s side).

That’s my catch up post. Tomorrow’s post (weekend highlights) will be GREAT because I did something super exciting this weekend! See you then!



Well, I haven’t been here in five whole days! It did not seem that long…except for the fact that I lost a lot of sleep. Thankfully, Little Man’s two bottom teeth have come in (at the same time!) so maybe he’ll start sleeping all night again. I’ll try to make up all the October Blogging Challenge posts that I’ve missed so this might end up being a LONG post.

First up is outfit of the day (OOTD). I haven’t taken a picture of a full outfit of mine since like 2012 so of course, the baby’s ootd will be shown. He can’t stand yet, so you’ll have to imagine the look of the pants. The onesie is baby Gap (obviously) and the pants are corduroy OshKosh B’Gosh pants. He’s at the phase of ripping his socks and shoes off and since they’re not pictured, I’m not sure if he’s wearing any.


The top places I want to travel are Rome, Hawaii, and Russia. I want to go everywhere in the world but those are my top three. I want to go to Rome because I think it is a beautiful city and despite failing Latin during my sophomore year in high school, I think the history of Rome is amazing. Hawaii seems like a gorgeous place (from what I’ve seen in pictures) and while I’m not a big fan of beaches, I think I would have a great time there. Finally, Russia has great architecture, plus I love the movie Anastasia so I really want to see all of the palaces there.

I’m currently not reading any books written for anyone over the age of five. With the baby being very fussy this week, I read all six of the books he has about ten times each.

The next post I missed is about a day in the life. Today, we woke up at 6:30 to drive my husband to work so I could take the baby to the doctor at 11 (we only have one car). Turns out the baby has a patch of eczema on his chin since he sucks his thumb, was teething, and the air is starting to dry out. We then went to Walmart to get some healing lotion and ended up getting some baby plates and a new sippy cup (hopefully we don’t lose this one). Meanwhile I was carrying the baby and all of this stuff because Little Man had fallen asleep in the car and did NOT want to be put in the cart (I’ve now decided to put my mei tai carrier in the car for this purpose). After we picked up my husband from work, we came home and had a snack of Cheerios, apples, and avocado (he had breakfast and lunch at the appropriate times). I’ve found out that I find avocado entirely disgusting but if you eat it with apple slices, you can’t taste it. Then we had a few hours of play time, dinner, a nice warm bath, and Little man was out at 8:30.

Finally, today is Transformation Tuesday!

The day he was born to last week. 7 months difference.

The day he was born to last week. 7 months difference.

That was easier than I thought it would be! I’ll be back tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday, so come back and check out some adorable pictures (we’re thinking about doing a baby photo shoot…depending on weather). See you later!

BB Good


It’s Thursday and that means it’s almost the end of the work week…for those with jobs that are Monday to Friday 9 to 5. It also means it’s time for another Thankful Thursday post in the October Blogging Challenge. This Thankful Thursday is going to be things I was/am thankful for as a new first time mom. We’ve kept everything Little Man has outgrown, just in case someone may need it.

First, I’ll do the things I was thankful for that Little Man no longer uses or has outgrown. Most of the stuff I had was hand me downs, but I’ll put links for anyone that may be interested in the items.

cache_500_378_0_100_100_Mod Vine-2

Boppy/nursing pillow- this thing was awesome! Little Man slept on it almost the whole first month he was home (don’t be a Judgey McJudgerson), plus we used it to teach him to sit up.


Bouncer– Little Man used it up until he figured out how to pull himself to a sitting position while he was inclined. I would put him in it while I cooked or ate at the table, and he loved it. He fell asleep in it many times.


Swing– Little Man had colic (was colicky?) and this was the only thing we could find that would help calm him enough to go to sleep. He sometimes uses it now when he’s tired and nothing seems to be working to get him to sleep.


Head support– since we got a hand me down infant car seat, there was nothing in it to protect Little Man’s head and every parent knows (or should know) that babies don’t have much head control for quite some time. He outgrew this (and his seat) about a month ago.

Now, I’ll list the things that I’m thankful we had that he still uses frequently.

08310A_IMG_S-BATH_3Q_SILO_466 X 302

Bathtub– I got this at my baby shower and it’s GREAT! Little Man was getting too long for it, but then he started sitting up on his own and has a large amount of space left for his long legs.


Stroller– my husband and I bought ourselves this stroller and we’re very glad we did. You can read about my enthusiasm here.


New car seat– I said earlier that Little Man outgrew his infant car seat, so naturally we had to get him a new one. I researched and found that convertible car seats are definitely the way to go, especially with a super tall child like I have (he’s in the 94th percentile for his height).

That’s about it for the baby things I’m thankful for. I would’ve added our high chair but I’m not a big fan of it, so why recommend it to someone else?

What are you thankful for? Do you think there’s anything I should try out? Let me know! See you tomorrow for another post!

What You Want


Hey! I’m here two days in a row! I haven’t done that in a little while! How’s everyone today? It’s been a pretty good day. Little Man got a new hat a few days ago and we just tried it on him today (I think he looks adorable but I’m biased). I’ve learned how to make spaetzle, which is AMAZING and SUPER easy!

Little Man's new hat (it's a puppy)!

Little Man’s new hat (it’s a puppy)!

Today’s topic in the October Blogging Challenge is link love. Basically, I’m going to give you a list of the blogs that I read all the time so here we go!

  1. Girl Meets Life is a blog by Gracie Gordon, who is a Pennsylvania girl in her twenties living in New York City. I love reading about the adventures she has. She’s also the creator of the blogging challenge I am currently doing.
  2. Team Studer is a blog by Tabitha Studer, who is also a Pennsylvania girl. She is a wife, mother of three, and a business owner with her husband (link to their business The Hunting Daddies here). I love reading about her AMAZING ways of parenting and the great things that her kids go through. She also inspired me to write a blog.
  3. The Small Things Blog is a blog written by Kate, who is a Chicago native currently living in North Carolina. She is a wife and mom of one (for now, she’s got one due in February). Her blog contains great hair, makeup, and fashion tutorials and stories of her son. I found her blog while googling hair tutorials because I recently got a haircut that I don’t know what to do with and I got hooked on her blog.

Those are the main three blogs that I check everyday. Of course, I go through my Blogs I Follow page on WordPress and read those too. I tried to follow all of my followers back and you all write some great things!

What are your favorite blogs? Let me know! See you tomorrow for another post of the challenge!