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I really need to start writing more often. It’s been a little over two months since I checked in last so let’s get started on the game of catch up.

Squeaky is now five months old. He’s rolling, scooting, and starting to rock on his hands and knees. He started baby food yesterday (sweet potatoes! YUM!) and is doing amazingly with it! He eats about an entire jar each time then nurses for about ten minutes and passes out for two or more hours at a time. He is just getting over an ear infection and has a doctor’s appointment coming up to check and make sure it is gone and to double check his weight. He only gained a pound in two months which is much less than ideal. I’m hoping that by increasing my healthy fat intake (since he’s breastfed) and feeding him some baby food will help him gain the weight he needs to gain. I REALLY don’t want to switch him to formula. It stinks and it takes too much extra work to prepare. I’ve almost gotten him registered for Early Head Start and he’ll start once there’s an opening and he’s a year old (so like next January).

Little Man had his ear tubes put in at the end of March. Those things have been the best thing ever in his life. He talks all the time now and it’s actual words, not just jibber jabber. He can identify about ten letters based on how they look, he knows how to count to ten, and he sings his ABC’s. Plus, he knows a few animal sounds and keeps learning more everyday. Sadly, I think he’s getting to that age where he doesn’t nap anymore. But he is making friends very well, he knows their names and asks me about them constantly. Early Head Start is going to be going on summer break soon and when they go back, Little Man will be in a new class. Luckily, his teachers from last school year (2014-2015) will be his teachers next year (2016-2017) so hopefully he’ll be fine with the new classroom.

I have joined a website called Blogging For Books. Basically, you sign up for an account (completely free!) and order books, which are completely free AS LONG AS you review the books on your blog and on their website. At least that’s how I understand it. So be looking out for my first review, I’m quite excited about the book I got. Other than that, everything is going as it has been.

As a family, we have a family get together this weekend that I’m excited about. It’s to celebrate my husband’s grandparents’ anniversary and my husband’s cousin and her husband are coming in from Hawaii. We haven’t seen them since Thanksgiving of 2014, so it’ll be nice to see them again.

That’s all that’s going on around here. My next update should be coming up soon and will be my book review. See you all later!

Down with the Sickness


This weekend was full of sickness in our house. Little Man started off with a cold, then passed it to Squeaky. Little Man also has a double ear infection (the 5th one of his not even 2 years) and is being referred to the ENT to see what’s going on.

On the good news side of our world, Little Man’s second birthday party is this weekend! We already have everything picked out and we just have some last minute things to buy. He’s having a Cars themed party, he’s going to love it (at least I hope so). A few of his little friends will be there, so we’re making some coloring pages. There will also be bubbles and a road made on the floor to drive cars on. Hopefully that will be enough for the kids, since the ages will range from 1 to 6.

Next month, I’m going to start a program to get me into shape before my husband and I go to the Philippines next January. I’m not sure what program I’ll do, but I’m googling. Google is basically my best friend. I haven’t started my bullet journal yet, I have so much going on that I haven’t gotten around to setting it up. Hopefully I’ll be able to sometime before March starts.

That’s all I’ve got for now. How’s life for you? Let me know! See you soon!

This Is It…


Wow! So I have been gone for quite a while, but I have good reasoning! We have no WiFi as of right now, so I’m hurrying to type this using my mobile data. Also, Squeaky was born! His birth story will be posted later at some point. He’s doing great though and Little Man is adjusting very well (better than I thought he would) to having a little brother and we’ve been able to keep our daily routine about the same (luckily).


Little Man still goes to school on a daily basis. His teething hasn’t eased much since November, but I’ve figured out why. He has about 8 teeth trying to come in at the same time, they’re all about halfway in and his mouth looks so weird. Any time he’s talking and I see his molars, I still think he has something in his mouth even though it’s just teeth. He’s learning more words and remembering people very well. His second birthday party is at the end of this month, so I’m currently working on planning that.

I have been busy, considering I have a toddler and a newborn now. For some reason that I’m sure I’ll regret later, I decided to hand make the invitations to Little Man’s birthday party. His grandma has volunteered to buy the decorations and his great aunt is making the cake. I can’t wait to see it all together.

Squeaky is 7 weeks old today. He’s gained more weight than needed so that’s great. His only issue right now is sleeping in his own bed, but he’s starting to sleep there more. I just need to figure out the perfect time after he’s asleep to lay him in his bed.

I’m going to try to post weekly, since I’m going to be starting a bullet journal. I’ll be back next week (hopefully)!

History Is Made At Night



It has been a busy week in this household. Let me tell you what’s been up…

Little Man is growing and developing mentally and physically like crazy. He now crawls, stands while holding things, stands without holding things (if he’s distracted by a puppy and has no clue he’s standing), and feeds himself finger foods.

His grandma gave him all sorts of food when we visited her after her double knee replacement surgery!

His grandma gave him all sorts of food when we visited her after her double knee replacement surgery!

He loves every kind of food! That's a french fry by the way...

He loves every kind of food! That’s a french fry by the way…

He used his grandma's walker to stand...he used it like all evening.

He used his grandma’s walker to stand…he used it like all evening.

Animals distract him.

Animals distract him.

I got a new phone!!! My iPhone 4 (yes, just a 4 no S or G) was two years old and slow as all hell, so when my upgrade rolled around we jumped on it like…like…something that jumps on other things. I am now the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S4, it’s HUGE compared to my iPhone 4 but it’s great! I’m about to be planning things like crazy. We’ll be having a home photo shoot for our first ever Christmas card, I have to photoshop the picture we choose (hopefully not, but I have an 8 month old so anything could happen), gather addresses of family and friends, and make and order the Christmas cards. While I’m waiting for their arrival, I need to plan out Little Man’s Disneybound December (details in a future post), start planning Little Man’s first birthday party more (we have a menu, venue, and date! YAY!), and I’m sure there is more that I’m forgetting. My 24th birthday falls in late January, but I am not planning anything for that. On top of all the planning I’ll be doing, I have an adult Christmas party with my husband, a family Christmas party, and two family Christmas dinners (at least) to attend. The holiday season (especially Christmas) has been the busiest time for my husband and I the last two years and I expect this year to be no different…well, except for the amount of presents we’ll be bringing home now that we have a spoiled son (he’s the first grandchild on both sides…kinda).

This is probably what I'll look like until March...minus the hair and the makeup being done.

This is probably what I’ll look like until March…minus the hair and the makeup being done.

This post is a LOT longer than I had hoped, oh well, you’ll live. OH! Anyone have any ideas of food to serve at a How To Train Your Dragon themed birthday party? We thought of spicy foods, but there will be children in attendance so that idea is out the window. Let me know! See you back here later!

The Best Day of My Life *updated*


I’m back everyone! There was a lot going on yesterday and I wasn’t able to make it to my computer. I’m going to include Wednesday and Thursday’s daily posts for the challenge in this one post. Don’t forget, this is where you go to get the list I’m using.

Wednesday’s post was for a day in the life. Being a stay at home mom, the baby and I did a lot of eating, sleeping, and playing. But our exact schedule is as follows:

7:30- wake up and watch cartoons

Ignore the blurriness. It was still dark in our room.

Ignore the blurriness. It was still dark in our room.

8:30 to 8:45- morning nap (does that really qualify as a nap?)

Again, still dark in our room.

Again, still dark in our room.

9:00- breakfast (whole grain cereal with juice and pears mixed in)

He loves food.

He loves food.

9:30 to 11:15- nap (an actual one this time)


11:30- my husband surprised us and came home from work for lunch

Hi Daddy!

Hi Daddy!

12:00- lunch (peas and pears)


1:00 to 1:30- afternoon nap

3:00- snack (Cheerios) and I baked a poke cake (DELICIOUS!)


6:00- dinner (peas and pears)

8:00- another snack (Cheerios)

11:00- the baby FINALLY passed out for the night

Today’s post is Throwback Thursday.

The hospital where I had my baby. It's like 6 am in this picture.

The hospital where I had my baby. It’s like 6 am in this picture.

What is a day in your life like? What kind of throwback pictures do you have? Let me know! See you back here tomorrow for the post of the day!

I Do


Bonjour! Parlez-vous français? No? Good, me either. Happy Friday everyone! In honor of it being Friday, here’s a Flashback Friday picture.

My brothers and I at Niagara Falls in 2002. (ignore the crookedness)

My brothers and I at Niagara Falls in 2002. (ignore the crookedness)

Continuing the September Blogging Challenge, today is my top 5 favorite hobbies/pastimes. This is a tough topic, but not as difficult as yesterday’s was. These aren’t in any specific order.

First, I love listening to music. I recently reloaded my iPod so I’ve been rocking out a lot more than usual. Right now, it’s only got a few singers and soundtracks but it’s more than it had for the last year. I like all kinds of music from First of the Year by Skrillex to First Time in Forever from Frozen (I feel that’s a HUGE range).

My second favorite hobby is playing with my 6 month old son. He’s right at the age where he giggles at the smallest things that happen and his little laugh is super contagious.

Third, I love writing. I don’t get much of a chance anymore but when I was about 16 or so, my brother and I used to write fanfiction like crazy. We would post a new story almost week. If you’d like to read the one I wrote, click here. It uses the characters of Grey’s Anatomy and puts them in high school.

My fourth favorite hobby would have to be watching movies. My DVD collection contains about 50 movies, most of which I bought myself (thank you $5 bin at Walmart) but some were given to me as gifts for Christmas or my birthday. My brothers and I used to have movie marathons every weekend when we all still lived with our dad. I’ll be writing a post about my brothers probably tomorrow so you can put faces to them.

My brothers and I in 2011

My brothers and I in 2011

My last and final favorite hobby is playing game apps on my phone and tablet. I have an iPhone and an Android tablet so I’m able to get any app that looks interesting to me. Right now, I’m addicted to Angry Birds Go! and like most smartphone owners, Candy Crush. The only time I’m really able to play is when the baby is sleeping but I fully take advantage of that time.

Asleep at his grandma's yesterday.

Asleep at his grandma’s yesterday.

Only 4 days left of the blogging challenge, but hopefully this week of writing will help my creative juices flow and I’ll be able to add a post everyday. So let me know, what are your favorite hobbies/pastimes? I’ll be back here tomorrow to write the next installment of the challenge and possibly write a second post about my brothers.

I Wanna Know


Hello again readers! It’s day 2 of the September Blogging Challenge for me (day 23 for people that start these at the correct time) and today’s topic is things I want to learn to do. Again, the list I used can be found here. On with the list…

First, I would LOVE to learn how to read a crochet pattern. I’m amazing at math but for the life of me, I CANNOT figure those stinking things out! Like this one, I have a new love for slouchy hats but I have to buy them because the freaking patterns confuse me! It’s supposedly easy!

Second, I want to learn how to use a sewing machine. I’ve seen so much stuff I want to make but it can only be made with a sewing machine. I have a ton of t-shirts with awesome sayings and high school pride shirts, so I really want to make one of these.

Third, I want to learn how to do more with my hair. I got about 9 inches taken off about a month ago and I have NO idea what to do other than put most of it into a ponytail. It’s at about my chin, it’s naturally curly and thick, and I hate blow dryers. So I’m up crap creek without a paddle, as they say.

That’s about all I want to learn to do. What do you want to learn to do? Skydive? Juggle? It could be anything, just remember that you can do whatever you put your mind and heart into. Stop by tomorrow and see what the list holds.


It’s Like My iPod’s Stuck On Replay


Being the age I am (23), I still have friends on social media that do monthly picture challenges. Since I’m a mom, a majority (probably a good 29 out of 30) of the pictures would be of my son and let’s be honest, that would bother some people.

How could this face bother someone?!

How could this face bother someone?!

So I googled September Blogging Challenges and found the one I’m about to do (list found at this AWESOME blog). By the way, I do realize that it’s already the 22nd but that still leaves 8 days of things to talk about.

Today’s topic is songs I currently have on repeat.

Now I am a MAJOR fan of musicals, I haven’t seen them all (and none on stage) but I’m working on it. I’ve never seen the Legally Blonde musical but my best friend Tera introduced me to this song and I fell in love. I was listening to it in the car today and did an extra lap around the block so I could hear the whole song, we all know what that’s like.

Can we just talk about how GORGEOUS her voice is?!

I’m a CRAZY Disney nut and Frozen is by far my favorite Disney movie. Anna has the exact weirdness that I have!

That’s all the songs that are on repeat for me today, but I’ll be back here tomorrow. Same bat time, same bat channel (bad old tv series reference)

Me, Myself, and My Two Favorite Guys


I know it’s been a while since I wrote, it’s been a very busy month. I thought I should give some background on who I am and who the main people I’ll be writing about are. I’ll just cover the three basic people in my life (myself, my husband, and my son) and if I write about anyone else, I’ll add an intro in that post.

First of all, myself. I meant to redally introduce myself in my first post, but it didn’t really turn out that way. My name is Samantha and I’m a chocoholic…wait…what? Well, at least that’s a true statement. I’m from a very small town in West Virginia, so small that you’ve never heard of it unless you’ve been there or know someone that lives there. Most of the time we just tell people what county we’re from if they’re from WV (the county only has one stop light, yes that’s the ENTIRE COUNTY!), if not then it’s a matter of figuring out what bigger city the person has heard of then saying how far we are from that. Getting back on track, I graduated from high school in 2009 which on some days feels like yesterday and on other days feels like forever ago. I didn’t do much after high school like most people did, I went to one year of college but that didn’t work out for me. Like I said in my previous post, I love the entertainment industry and everything to do with it. That’s all I’ll say about me for now, you’ll learn more in future posts.

Transporting back to August 26, 2005, the first day of my freshman year of high school which is also the day I met my best friend/husband, Andrew. We just happened to have our first period class (ceramics which I was and still am horrible at) together with two of his cousins, one of them happened to be my best friend at the time,  Rachel. She decided that I just had to meet Andrew, and I had the biggest crush on him from that point on (if you saw him back then, you would not understand why. Heck, I don’t even know why). During the 2005-2006 and 2006-2007 school years, we became great friends. I went to a few of his wrestling matches (meets? I have no idea!) and we did track together one year. He graduated in 2007 so we grew apart a bit but in early 2012, we got back in contact. On July 23rd, we started dating, we moved in together in April of 2013, and in July of 2013 we found out we were having a baby.

Andrew and I December 2013 (7 months pregnant)

Andrew and I December 2013 (7 months pregnant)

On March 3, 2014, Baby Andrew was born and everyday since has been amazing. He is the happiest, sweetest little boy I’ve ever met. At this point in his life, he’s working on crawling and getting a tooth to come through, he’s also very chatty (nothing we’re really able to understand yet) and very into technology (he loves anything with a screen).

The song that inspired the title.

Baby Andrew March 5, 2014

Baby Andrew March 5, 2014

Introducing Me…


My life isn’t one that some people would love to have. I don’t climb Mount Everest or save strangers from peril in my spare time, but I figure that most people don’t. But those that aren’t superheroes lead their own adventures, whether they be outrageous, devastating, or infuriating. The posts to follow will be of my adventures.
I’m a stay at home mom of the craziest, happiest, sweetest little boy I’ve ever met so most of my posts will most likely be about the silly things he does as he grows.
I love the entertainment industry, well mostly movies but some tv and music. I’ve seen some movies a million times but I’ve found out that there are some movies I’ve never seen before. I know a bit about gaming, from Sega Genesis to Xbox One and all consoles in between, I’m mostly into PC games though.
I have a very short temper, so you may see some posts about how much people irritate me. I’m one of those girls that hangs out with guys instead of girls because guys don’t have as much drama.
This post got very long very quickly, so I’ll be going. Another post will be added tomorrow hopefully. Have an awesome day!

The song that inspired the title.