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BB Good


It’s Thursday and that means it’s almost the end of the work week…for those with jobs that are Monday to Friday 9 to 5. It also means it’s time for another Thankful Thursday post in the October Blogging Challenge. This Thankful Thursday is going to be things I was/am thankful for as a new first time mom. We’ve kept everything Little Man has outgrown, just in case someone may need it.

First, I’ll do the things I was thankful for that Little Man no longer uses or has outgrown. Most of the stuff I had was hand me downs, but I’ll put links for anyone that may be interested in the items.

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Boppy/nursing pillow- this thing was awesome! Little Man slept on it almost the whole first month he was home (don’t be a Judgey McJudgerson), plus we used it to teach him to sit up.


Bouncer– Little Man used it up until he figured out how to pull himself to a sitting position while he was inclined. I would put him in it while I cooked or ate at the table, and he loved it. He fell asleep in it many times.


Swing– Little Man had colic (was colicky?) and this was the only thing we could find that would help calm him enough to go to sleep. He sometimes uses it now when he’s tired and nothing seems to be working to get him to sleep.


Head support– since we got a hand me down infant car seat, there was nothing in it to protect Little Man’s head and every parent knows (or should know) that babies don’t have much head control for quite some time. He outgrew this (and his seat) about a month ago.

Now, I’ll list the things that I’m thankful we had that he still uses frequently.

08310A_IMG_S-BATH_3Q_SILO_466 X 302

Bathtub– I got this at my baby shower and it’s GREAT! Little Man was getting too long for it, but then he started sitting up on his own and has a large amount of space left for his long legs.


Stroller– my husband and I bought ourselves this stroller and we’re very glad we did. You can read about my enthusiasm here.


New car seat– I said earlier that Little Man outgrew his infant car seat, so naturally we had to get him a new one. I researched and found that convertible car seats are definitely the way to go, especially with a super tall child like I have (he’s in the 94th percentile for his height).

That’s about it for the baby things I’m thankful for. I would’ve added our high chair but I’m not a big fan of it, so why recommend it to someone else?

What are you thankful for? Do you think there’s anything I should try out? Let me know! See you tomorrow for another post!

I Work Out!


It’s now September 24, meaning it’s time for another day of the September Blogging Challenge. Today’s topic is “what is your favorite form of exercise and why?”. I’ll admit, this one tripped me up a bit. I’ve never been a big fan of exercising, so this post has a LOT of thought put behind it. I was lucky enough lose all the pregnancy weight I gained without having to do much (thank you genetics). By the way, I realize that’ll be more difficult with the more children I have.

I’ve decided there are two forms of exercise I like, since they’re really the only two “exercises” I do on a daily basis. First, I love carrying around my little man. This is substantial exercise because his butt weighs about 18 pounds which is more than I ever carried for a long period of time before pregnancy. Plus, he’s starting to figure out how to crawl now so I have less time to be able to carry him around before I have to start chasing him.

I'm SO not ready for him to crawl...or walk for that matter!

I’m SO not ready for him to crawl…or walk for that matter!

The second exercise I love doing is walking. I’ve started going on walks more frequently lately, due to that nasty heat crap going away (I hate summer!). Fall is my all time favorite time of year. I love the chill in the air, the color changing leaves, and the holidays (THANKSGIVING *drool*). Plus, we got this awesome stroller that the baby absolutely loves. I’m fairly certain this stroller was made with me in mind. I’m 5’11” so with other strollers I have to hunch over a bit, but with this one I can stand up straight with no problem. Seriously people, if you’re in the market for a new stroller, get this one. You won’t regret it (By the way, I’m receiving nothing for saying this. I just love this stroller).

Totally sorry about that stroller excitement, I’ve noticed that since I became a mom I get very excited about strange things. Strollers, car seats, baby shoes, freaking BIBS?! Motherhood makes some weird people (me) even weirder. Back to the topic at hand, exercise, what kind of exercise do you like? Extreme mountain biking? Let me know your thoughts, comments, concerns and questions! See you tomorrow with the topic of the day!