Dangerous To Know

It’s Thankful Thursday again folks! If you’re just tuning in, I got my blogging challenge from here. This Thankful Thursday is going to be a big list of the things I love and couldn’t live without…not mom things like last time…just anything. So in no specific order, here are 10 random things I’m thankful for:

  1. Dr. Pepper and any remake of it– I’m not sure when I first had Dr. Pepper but it was a great day. I’ve gone like a week without Dr. Pepper and I feel like I’m dying.
  2. Empowering music– you know, those songs that you know every word to and listen to when you’re pissed or depressed and just yell the lyrics? Yeah, a lot of those songs have gotten me through everything.
  3. Pajama pants/ sweat pants– I don’t wear them out in public but as soon as I get into my bedroom, I change immediately. The feeling of pajamas is super relaxing in itself. I’m currently sporting a pair of DC pajama pants from like 5 years ago. I’m more of a Marvel fan but there were no Marvel pants in my size in the men’s section (being almost 6 feet tall I get my pajamas from there so I know they’re long enough).
  4. My cell phone– I know, how cliche of me. Having a baby at the stage he’s at, I’m glad I have a camera at the ready because who knows when he’ll do whatever he’s doing again!
  5. Pinterest– again, super cliche, another blogger talking about Pinterest. HAVE YOU SEEN THAT WEBSITE?! If you turn up your nose or get all judgey of the people that talk about Pinterest, you probably haven’t visited the site. If you don’t like Pinterest, you should probably go be sad and boring elsewhere.
  6. Internet humor– I LOVE the internet humor I see now! Like white girls and can’t even, Dwight Schrute memes, anything and everything! Well, the stuff I understand. I don’t understand the Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, or Doctor Who stuff because I haven’t watched those shows.
  7. Frozen– yes, the super popular Disney movie from last year. Have you seen it? I love everything about it! Plus, my son will watch the whole movie and sometimes fall asleep while we’re in the car (our relatives live about an hour away and Little Man hates his car seat).
  8. Fashion– I don’t have the money for the wardrobe I want, but I really love looking at outfits that people put together and trying to figure out if I could make it work with what I have.
  9. Mom Blogs– I am SO thankful for blogs written by moms! While I was pregnant, I must’ve read thousands of them! Heck, now I read thousands. It’s nice to be able to reference another person’s experiences in certain situations (teething, baby poop, colic).
  10. Tutorials/checklists– the people that write these two things are awesome. It helps to reference multiple ones to see what I should pack for a weekend away, or things to things about when you’re about to move, or how to make a bracelet, or how I can easily style my hair (still none that don’t require French braids or some variation), or how to follow a crochet pattern (still haven’t completed a project yet).

What random things are you thankful for? Anything about my things bother or interest you? Let me know in the comments! See you tomorrow for the final day of the October Blogging Challenge!


What Means The Most

My blog will be a month old tomorrow so I’ve decided that I’m going to do a little monthly review every month. When I started this, I didn’t think I’d get any views or followers. I mean, I hoped like everyone does, but I didn’t set my hopes too high. As of right now, I have a total of 74 views and 13 followers! To any and all readers, THANK YOU! I get excited every time I get an email about another follower or like. A few days ago (Thursday to be specific), this blog went international with its first view in Canada! Today, there have been 2 views in INDIA! It feels awesome to be able to have readers spread so far! Again, THANK YOU ALL! This is my tenth post too! Lots of celebrating over here!

Yesterday, I said I’d write about my brothers today since I’ve started talking about them more. I’m the oldest of three and the only girl and we are basically three years apart (I’m 3 years and 12 days older than Mack and he is 2 years, 10 months and 18 days older than Bryan). We’re 23, 20, and 17 respectively. We used to fight like CRAZY when we were in the older kid/teenager phase, but now that we’re all practically adults, we get along amazingly.

We're strange...

We’re strange…

Mack is my best friend, he ranks over my husband and my best friend Tera by far. I mean, he is my brother after all. We enjoy most of the same things, movies, music, people we can and can’t stand, pretty much everything. I’m sure he’ll have some opinions about my last post, everyone has their own thoughts after all. He is the person I text all day long (even though he only lives 4 blocks away), he’s the first one I tell about all my blog news, we have a movie marathon coming up where we’ll hopefully just sit in front of the TV, watch movies, eat snacks, and complain/sing/talk throughout every movie we watch. Of course, we’ll quote and sing along with the movies too, we’re not crazy.

Mack and I

Mack and I

Bryan is the baby of the family so naturally, we pick on him more than each other. Since he’s gotten older, he’s come up with great comebacks. He has the most nicknames of anyone I’ve ever met in my entire life, some of which Mack and I can’t remember the origin (once we called him Sheryl Crow?). He is currently a senior in high school and has been applying to colleges like crazy. I wish I had the desire to go to college like he does. He plays saxophone (don’t ask me which kind, it changes from season to season) in the marching and jazz bands and the senior night for his marching career is coming up on November 7. I’ll probably be writing about it and how much I cried because my baby brother is a SENIOR. At his graduation in May, I’ll probably be a complete WRECK!!!

Bryan and I

Bryan and I

Well, now you all know how much I thank you and how much I love knowing that people actually read what I have to say. Feel free to give feedback, heck, I’ll even take negative comments or disagreements. That just shows that you read the post! 🙂 I’ll be back tomorrow with the next day of the blogging challenge.