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The Creep


It’s Sunday and I just watched The Walking Dead. To avoid spoilers, all I will say is WOW! Due to commercials on AMC, I now want to watch Fantastic Four (the movie with Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, and Michael Chiklis). Little Man and I took a two hour nap this evening so sadly, I’m not tired right now like I should be. I guess I’ll read some of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

So today I wanted to talk about blogs. I don’t know about you but when I find a new blog, I go back and read all the entries. Is that creepy? I don’t think it’s too creepy to read them but I feel it would be a little creep to comment on previous posts. Not like a post from yesterday, but one from like a year ago. I just admitted that I’m a semi-creeper. Awesome.

Nothing exciting really went on this weekend, except for a one year old’s birthday party yesterday. Tomorrow, I go to the dentist. That’ll just add to the stereotypical awesomeness of a Monday.

Did anything exciting happen to you this weekend? Do you watch Walking Dead? Do you find reading people’s entire blog history creepy? Let me know in the comments below! See you later!

That’s Just The Way We Roll


Well, it’s Sunday meaning back to work for all of you with weekday jobs. For me as a mom, it’s just another day. I missed yesterday’s post so I’ll make it up then add today’s post. 🙂

Yesterday’s topic for the October Blogging Challenge was what/who inspires you. I get inspired by the most random things known to mankind. I’m currently writing a story based off of a pin of a tumblr conversation, I’ve written things based from TV shows, all kinds of stuff.

Today’s topic is weekend highlights. Yesterday, we went to the Comcast store to get a replacement cable box, Walmart for groceries, and Subway for dinner. It was a nice simple day out. Today, we stayed home but it was pretty great. I baked a tie dye cake (a horrible mess was made) and the baby made friends with one of his dad’s friends. Then after the baby went to bed, my husband and I watched the season premiere of the Walking Dead. It was awesome, I mean WOW people!

That’s all for today. What was the highlight of your weekend? Let me know! See you back here tomorrow for another post!

He loves his Cheerios.

He loves his Cheerios.