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Where Does The Good Go?


So, in my last post I said I was going to blog some more; however, that day my brother told me I NEEDED to watch Grey’s Anatomy again. See, we used to watch it together when it was on Lifetime and I’ve seen up to some episodes of season 6. He’s been watching it on Netflix and demanded I watch it again. To me, it kinda went bad in season 6 (which is why I quit watching) but I guess it’s starting to get better again. I had no idea it was on Netflix, so I’ve been watching it every chance I get (I’m currently in season 2). I’m going to attempt to post more, but I can’t tell you at what interval. I have my first product review post coming up soon! I’m pretty psyched about that!

Along with writing this blog, I’ve been working on a story that was inspired by a tumblr post I saw on Pinterest. I don’t want to reveal the details but I hope it’ll be good. My brother (Mack) and best friend (Tera) have both read what I have this far and they both like it. I was stuck for a while but I think I’m going to get back into it. While I was thinking up the story, I was trying to figure out what the characters would look like, like anyone who writes a story. Is it odd that when I emailed Mack and Tera the story, I sent them a list of actors/actresses that I think the characters will look like? Using famous people makes it easier for me to describe what they look like, I’m nowhere near creative enough to draw/think up new people.

It’s finally starting to warm up in the Ohio Valley, so Little Man got to go to the park today! He loved it, he crawled all over the playground equipment and swinged and giggled and had a great time! When we went shopping afterward, I wore him and he almost fell asleep. It was adorable. Little Man is so quiet when we’re out in public but at home, he is a crazy little guy! It’s crazy to see him be as shy as he is in public!

How’s everything going with you? Would you be interested in reading my story when it’s done? Let me know!


I Do


Bonjour! Parlez-vous français? No? Good, me either. Happy Friday everyone! In honor of it being Friday, here’s a Flashback Friday picture.

My brothers and I at Niagara Falls in 2002. (ignore the crookedness)

My brothers and I at Niagara Falls in 2002. (ignore the crookedness)

Continuing the September Blogging Challenge, today is my top 5 favorite hobbies/pastimes. This is a tough topic, but not as difficult as yesterday’s was. These aren’t in any specific order.

First, I love listening to music. I recently reloaded my iPod so I’ve been rocking out a lot more than usual. Right now, it’s only got a few singers and soundtracks but it’s more than it had for the last year. I like all kinds of music from First of the Year by Skrillex to First Time in Forever from Frozen (I feel that’s a HUGE range).

My second favorite hobby is playing with my 6 month old son. He’s right at the age where he giggles at the smallest things that happen and his little laugh is super contagious.

Third, I love writing. I don’t get much of a chance anymore but when I was about 16 or so, my brother and I used to write fanfiction like crazy. We would post a new story almost week. If you’d like to read the one I wrote, click here. It uses the characters of Grey’s Anatomy and puts them in high school.

My fourth favorite hobby would have to be watching movies. My DVD collection contains about 50 movies, most of which I bought myself (thank you $5 bin at Walmart) but some were given to me as gifts for Christmas or my birthday. My brothers and I used to have movie marathons every weekend when we all still lived with our dad. I’ll be writing a post about my brothers probably tomorrow so you can put faces to them.

My brothers and I in 2011

My brothers and I in 2011

My last and final favorite hobby is playing game apps on my phone and tablet. I have an iPhone and an Android tablet so I’m able to get any app that looks interesting to me. Right now, I’m addicted to Angry Birds Go! and like most smartphone owners, Candy Crush. The only time I’m really able to play is when the baby is sleeping but I fully take advantage of that time.

Asleep at his grandma's yesterday.

Asleep at his grandma’s yesterday.

Only 4 days left of the blogging challenge, but hopefully this week of writing will help my creative juices flow and I’ll be able to add a post everyday. So let me know, what are your favorite hobbies/pastimes? I’ll be back here tomorrow to write the next installment of the challenge and possibly write a second post about my brothers.