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You’d think I’m insane with how much I’ve decided to DIY for my son’s first birthday party and you, my friend, might be right. Luckily, we’ve decided on a set theme, reserved the venue, and sent out the invitations already.
When I went to my niece’s birthday party, my sister’s friend had made a personalized onesie for my niece that I was completely inspired by for my son. So my husband and I set out on a quest to find a How To Train Your Dragon fabric that we liked and wasn’t $15 a yard. Thank goodness for ebay! But my husband ordered 2 yards! What the heck was I supposed to do with 2 yards of fabric when I would barely use one?! I’m already personalizing 2 shirts (one for Little Man to wear and one for guests to sign as a keepsake)and making Little Man a cape (yes, a cape!). I then found a tutorial on Pinterest (darn that website) on how to make an infinity scarf with half a yard of fabric, so guess who will be wearing a How To Train Your Dragon infinity scarf to her one year old’s birthday party. That’s right! Me! And I’m completely and totally excited about it!

Our fabric!

Our fabric!

I’ve realized that I’m not the typical mom. Most moms freak out about their child turning one already and while I still can’t believe he’ll be one soon, I love seeing him grow, advance, and learn everyday. Little Man will sit and study new things as long as you let him. That’s how I got him to start taking a sippy cup, I handed it to him with a bit of water in it (thank goodness it’s spill proof) and let him figure it out. He now drinks out of it whenever it’s not time to nurse.

Yes, I am still nursing my 10 month old. When I found out I was pregnant with him, I knew I would breastfeed if I was able. I may start weaning him when he hits a year old, but I haven’t decided for sure yet. I know I’m one of the lucky women being able to nurse my son at all, let alone this long.

People have been asking me this week what I’ll be doing for the Super Bowl. My honest answer is I have no clue. We’re not big sports watchers in our house, but if a friend invites us over for a party or something we’ll probably go. We like spending time with friends, even if we have no idea what’s happening in the game. However, early that afternoon Little Man and I have a birthday party to attend that is an hour away so hopefully the snow that is being predicted on Sunday isn’t too bad. I’ve been super excited for this party since we got the invite.

What do you have going on in your life? If you have kids, what did you do for their first birthday parties? If you don’t have kids, have you been to any first birthday parties? Did anything hilarious or exciting happen at the parties? What are you doing for the Super Bowl? Let me know! I’ll see you all later!

Shake It Off


Yes, my title is in fact a Taylor Swift song but I’m OBSESSED with her lately! This new cd of hers is BRILLIANT! My brother and I went to our niece’s birthday party today (which was a 2 hour drive both ways) and we blasted Taylor Swift the whole way!

To update on what’s been going on in life, we’ve been getting sick a lot lately. My husband has been sick 3 times already this winter, Little Man had an ear infection then after that and the congestion were gone he caught a bit of a stomach bug, and I was sick yesterday. It’s been eventful around here. Luckily, Little Man and I were well enough today to go to my niece’s first birthday party. Little Man seemed to have a lot of fun and I’m completely worn out from chasing him around. Plus, I got a few ideas for Little Man’s birthday party next month.

He was watching other kids run around.

He was watching other kids run around.

Other than the occasional birthday party and illness, our days consist of staying home and going to Walmart maybe once a week. Life may change a lot for us this summer, but I’ll reveal more on that if it happens later.

Unlike most people, I don’t tend to make New Year’s resolutions. I know I won’t do them or do whatever they entail as often as I’d like (such as exercise), so I just don’t make one. I’d like to start walking more once spring rolls around and it stays warm for a few days in a row instead of 40 one day, 65 the next, and 15 the next (it’s done that here in lovely West By God Virginia), but until then I’ll be at home or driving. There’s no way I’m taking my butt out in some crazy unpredictable weather.

I’m considering making the blog more public once I hit 50 posts, I think thats why I haven’t been posting as often. I’m not really prepared for people I know to read what I write. If you’re someone I know and you’ve been reading since the beginning, don’t tell me because I’ll get extremely self conscious around you.

How’s the New Year treating you? Do you think I should make the blog more public? Let me know! See you later, folks!

My Shiny Teeth and Me


Based on the title, you either a) think I’m gonna talk about my teeth, b) have this fantastic song stuck in your head, or c) both. Well, all answers are wrong (just kidding, the song is totally sick in my head). Off topic, the singer of My Shiny Teeth and Me (Chip Skylark) is/was voiced by my favorite member (at the time) of NSYNC, Chris Kirkpatrick (I’m a huge Justin Timberlake fan now).

As a mom of an almost 10 month old, obviously teething is going to happen. Little Man already has his two front bottom teeth and is working on his two front top teeth. These babies are giving him HELL! When the first two teeth came in, he had none of the usual symptoms. With these two stupid teeth, he’s super whiny and so freaking congested that he can’t sleep without sounding like Brainy when he’s always behind Helga! There’s an old cartoon reference that I hope everyone gets (I had to Google the kid’s name).

Anyone that has a super active baby knows that a baby with a congested nose is one of the MOST frustrating things in the world! You know that moment when you’re trying to clean out baby’s nose with the sucker (aspirator for you fancy types) and suddenly they start thrashing like crazy before you even get the stupid thing in their nostril?! That’s the moment when I wish I were an octopus for the millionth time since becoming a mom. Plus, I was trying to put saline in to break up all the grossness so I did what any mom who doesn’t happen to be an octopus would do. I put my legs straight out, put Little Man in between them, tucked his arms under my legs, and held his head with my knees. That sounds awful but I’m sure every mom has done it. I don’t know about you but that nasty congested nose drives me crazy and makes me wish babies understood how to blow their noses! Luckily, I got it all out and now he’s sleeping peacefully with no nasty noises at all.

I can’t believe I just wrote an entire blog post ranting about teething and snot. If that doesn’t prove that I’m a mom, then I don’t know what does. I’m gonna go watch Mythbusters now because seriously how cool is this 9 day marathon they’ve got going on?! I’ll be back here when I can figure out what else to write about. See you later!