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Hello everyone! I’m running late with today’s post but it was a crazy day again. Just so you future parents know, teething is AWFUL! It took my usually happy baby who falls asleep in 10-15 minutes 2 HOURS to go to sleep tonight! For the October Blogging Challenge post of the day, the topic is six pet peeves. I’ll tell you now, a LOT of things irritate me so I’m going to try to condense it all.

The thing that bothers me the most in the entire world is people that don’t have manners! I was brought up using manners and I think everyone should use them. How hard is it to say excuse me instead of just pushing past me in the grocery store or say thank you when I pick up something you dropped instead of ripping it out of my hands and staring at me like I have two heads?!

Next, people chewing with their mouths open is one of the most sickening things I’ve ever seen. I hate when I’m eating at a restaurant and I look up and see someone chomping on their food like a cow! This goes for gum too! Unless you have a medical issue where you can’t close your mouth and chew, and most people don’t because they’ll chew with their mouths closed a few times then it’s right back to chomping, I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOUR FOOD!

People that shouldn’t be parents but have like 9 children bug the crap out of me! All of these stories I’ve seen recently about innocent kids dying because their parents just don’t care make me so sad! Honestly, what did that little baby do to deserve such horrible treatment?! All babies know is what they’re taught and exposed to while growing up and most of the time, they still see the good in the most horrible of situations! Another thing about bad parenting is when you’re in a public place screaming profanities at your toddler. My husband is one of the calmest most laid back people I know and it took everything he had in him one day not to go yell at a woman he saw doing this. In my opinion, if you find yourself pregnant and don’t want the baby, find someone who will. There are thousand of people out there who aren’t able to have babies and I’m sure they would gladly take yours.

Next up is the way people communicate nowadays. Yes, I have a cell phone and all the social media but I don’t walk around saying “lol” instead of just laughing nor do I say hashtag in normal conversation. What is this swag garbage?! Last time I checked, a swag is another word for valance which is the sorry little curtain thing people hang at the top of windows. And yolo? You only live once? That would depend on your beliefs honestly. But it does NOT mean you should go be a moron and blame your stupidity on a saying. Jumping off a bridge without the proper equipment, yolo? No. Pure stupidity.

I think everyone should work in the food industry or retail at least once in their lives so they aren’t completely rude all the time. I’ve worked in both and it was not fun because of the horrible people. Someone gets mad because their order is cooking and they’re running late, maybe you should’ve left earlier instead of stopping for food. The store doesn’t have the product you’re looking for, please complain and yell at the girl stocking the shelves who has nothing to do with ordering.

Finally, the people that don’t seem to know how to drive. The speed limit’s 55 so that makes it totally okay to go 40. Yes, please come to a complete so when you’re turning right and there no stop sign or light. I’m going the speed limit on a four lane, please ride my bumper instead of passing me like a normal human!

Clearly, I can’t stand a lot of things people do. What are your pet peeves? Any arguments or comments about mine? Let me know! See you tomorrow for the post of the day!

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